Before you decide to do a tattoo at home, it is necessary to thoroughly prepare for it. The execution of the tattoo can be divided into three parts: preliminary preparation, the actual application of a tattoo, and post-traumatic rehabilitation of the skin.
While preparing it is necessary to select a pattern, to determine the color of "tattoo" and its precise location. Remember: a tattoo is forever. It will remain with you and in 10, 20 years from now.
Objectively rate the professionalism of the tattoo artist. If the qualification of the master is not high, it is better to do a tattoo at home on a less visible area of skin.
The next task is the preparation of tools and materials. Quality is the main criterion in the selection of tattoo machines and pigments for tattooing. Don't forget disposable needles and caps. Be sure to check if you have allergies to the paint.
Now take care of the light – it should be enough.
Decide the issue of anesthesia. Decide whether you will follow the rule that beauty requires sacrifice, or will become anesthetic spray.
Remember about alcohol – it is strongly not recommended. In the use of alcohol vessels dilate, the blood will be more intensive, and to wash the paint, and therefore the picture quality may suffer.
Tattooing occurs in several stages:
- skin preparation: the selected area you want to remove hair, decontaminated and degreased with an antiseptic, for example hydrogen peroxide;
- drawing: you can draw helium handle directly into the body, and if the drawing is complex, you can use transfer paper and pencils;
- the actual execution of the tattoo with a tattoo machine;
- procedures after performing the tattoo: removal of droplets of blood and the laying of anti-inflammatory compress.
This desire to tattoo at home is – you become the owner of lifetime jewelry. But ahead of you waiting for the 10-12-day period of self-care for damaged skin. At this time it is not necessary to sunbathe, to bathe in the bath and participate in competitions. And remember, the most important at all stages of cleanliness and sterility.