Advice 1: How to tattoo at home

Wearable drawings, and simply put - tattoos, currently have gained immense popularity. They are applied to their skin not only men, but women, and often young girls. The process of applying a tattoo quite time consuming, but it can be done at home.
How to tattoo at home
Before you decide to do a tattoo at home, it is necessary to thoroughly prepare for it. The execution of the tattoo can be divided into three parts: preliminary preparation, the actual application of a tattoo, and post-traumatic rehabilitation of the skin.
While preparing it is necessary to select a pattern, to determine the color of "tattoo" and its precise location. Remember: a tattoo is forever. It will remain with you and in 10, 20 years from now.
Objectively rate the professionalism of the tattoo artist. If the qualification of the master is not high, it is better to do a tattoo at home on a less visible area of skin.
The next task is the preparation of tools and materials. Quality is the main criterion in the selection of tattoo machines and pigments for tattooing. Don't forget disposable needles and caps. Be sure to check if you have allergies to the paint.
Now take care of the light – it should be enough.
Decide the issue of anesthesia. Decide whether you will follow the rule that beauty requires sacrifice, or will become anesthetic spray.
Remember about alcohol – it is strongly not recommended. In the use of alcohol vessels dilate, the blood will be more intensive, and to wash the paint, and therefore the picture quality may suffer.
Tattooing occurs in several stages:
- skin preparation: the selected area you want to remove hair, decontaminated and degreased with an antiseptic, for example hydrogen peroxide;
- drawing: you can draw helium handle directly into the body, and if the drawing is complex, you can use transfer paper and pencils;
- the actual execution of the tattoo with a tattoo machine;
- procedures after performing the tattoo: removal of droplets of blood and the laying of anti-inflammatory compress.
This desire to tattoo at home is – you become the owner of lifetime jewelry. But ahead of you waiting for the 10-12-day period of self-care for damaged skin. At this time it is not necessary to sunbathe, to bathe in the bath and participate in competitions. And remember, the most important at all stages of cleanliness and sterility.
How to make a tattoo. The process of creating a tattoo starts with the selection of pictures which the wizard then applied to the body. Process: Before applying the tattoo master draws the picture. Puts it on the skin of the client. Machine and contour makes contour, stained sharp and thin corners of the image.
Useful advice
It should be remembered that a professionally done tattoo is not harmful to health and, accordingly, does not cause any complications. The bandage put by the master after applying the tattoo should be kept from 3 to 12 hours, depending on the nature of the work. For some time, the skin around the tattoo may be slightly zadnici and stay red.

Advice 2 : How to make temporary tattoos

Temporary tattoo most often done by those who are not yet ready for regular tattoo. This figure is much safer than a regular tattoo, because it does not traumatize the skin. The image can be done by yourself, but you can apply for this at the tattoo parlor.
How to make temporary tattoos
You will need
  • henna;
  • - lemon juice;
  • - sugar.
To create a temporary tattoo is most often used multi-colored henna. To realize a fairly simple plot and his own hands at home. Often temporary tattoos are small drawings which can be placed absolutely anywhere.
To apply a temporary tattoo on the skin in various ways. Usually, it is the stencil or the pattern is transferred to the skin with the help of the parchment, after which all lines of the image are connected using henna. In that case, if the tattoo does an inexperienced artist, it is best to use a ready-made template.
Henna (in tube) can be purchased in beauty supply stores or make it at home. You need to prepare the stencil. Drawing using water-soluble felt-tip pen applied to parchment, then cut out. Next, you will need to lubricate the area, which will house tattoo, a roll-on deodorant. The parchment must be applied to the skin, and then carefully pressed. If done correctly, the deodorant will dissolve the coloring elements and a stencil future tattoo will remain on the skin.
Temporary tattoo bring to mind using the cooled ink paste which is applied with a special syringe kulikou. The skin will need to apply the template, then carefully fix and paint colors the remaining free intervals. Ink paste must be left on the skin until then, until it is dry, it will take approximately 8 hours. Then the paint should be scraped off with the handkerchief, the resulting figure can not be wetted for two days.
The tattoo made with henna on the skin, can last longer with proper care. When the paint is dry, the tattoo should be moistened with a mixture of sugar and lemon juice, the ratio should be 1 to 2. You must also try to avoid sweating (if possible) and long contact with water.

Advice 3 : How to make temporary tattoo

Summer – a welcome time when we can finally experiment with his looks. However, if you dare to make a permanent tattoo, you should remember that it will remain for life. Perhaps later you will regret your impulsive act, dictated by syuiminutnyh desire or capricious fashion. Therefore, ardent fans of the experiments can take advantage of this interesting alternative, as a temporary tattoo. If you possess a modicum of drawing skills, you can make a tattoo at home.
How to make temporary tattoo

Temporary tattoo: advantages and disadvantages

Before you decide to make a temporary tattoo, it is advisable to weigh the pros and cons of this method of body decoration.

Advantages of temporary tattoo are:
- possibility of easy removal of the pattern if you don't like;
- the opportunity to experiment, for example, to apply different tattoos on the same part of the body and then evaluate the effect on others;
to make a temporary tattoo during the holidays can not afford even a solid person holding a managerial position;
- to apply this image to the body quite painful;
- temporary tattoo absolutely safe for health, excluded serniene and infection of the skin, as well as other side effects possible when applying a real tattoo.

However, temporary tattoo designs there are drawbacks: the color pattern is rapidly fading.

If you are not sure whether to make a permanent tattoo or not, first make a temporary, and then decide if you need it. If you fear that you do not have sufficient skills in drawing, apply a stencil pattern or refer to a tattoo parlor. To make high quality temporary tattoo, you may need special ingredients and tools.

How to make temporary tattoo at home

There are several ways of applying a temporary tattoo:
- draw a design on the body with the help of a gel pen with a thin rod or marker;
to make conversion a tattoo, bought in a specialty salon tattoo sticker;
how to make a "mehndi tattoo" - a tattoo that is applied with henna.

So how to make the "mehndi tattoo". First, you need to find henna. A normal intended for dyeing hair, for applying a temporary tattoo is not suitable. Look for henna in the herbal chemist's shop or in the store of herbal cosmetics. The easiest way to find that henna in India or on the African markets. There you can buy this product in tubes. Good henna has a fine grind and light green tint.

Before applying a tattoo, well degrease the skin with alcohol or soap. Also, remove hairs from the painted area.

Then prepare a paste of henna. Pour in boiling water a few tablespoons of coffee or tea and boil the mixture on low heat for about 1 hour. Sift henna through a fine strainer and stir into hot welding. The mass was thick and viscous, it is possible to add sugar. In conclusion, add to the mixture the juice of a lemon or lime. The consistency of the finished paste should be like toothpaste. Let the mixture cool for at least 3 hours and add 1 drop of essential oil.

You can now begin creating the design on the body. Apply the outline with white pencil makeup, if necessary, use a special stencil. Brush on the outlines of a thick paste of henna. When it dries, after 1.5-2 hours scrape it.

Then dry the tattoo in warm, moisturizing sweetened lemon juice. In the end, the finished tattoo wipe with eucalyptus oil. This "mehndi tattoo", made at home, will last about 2 weeks.

Advice 4 : How to make temporary tattoo at home: for a stylish

Beautiful, stylish and neat tattoo draws the eyes and attention. But to decide to decorate your body may not be many girls, because this "accessory" will remain on the skin for life. The ideal option to try if it will fit to your tattoo style temporary tattoo made with henna. And can be done at home, thus saving time and money on going to the salon.
How to make temporary tattoo at home: for a stylish
You will need
  • - henna
  • - a bowl
  • - water
  • lemon juice
  • - food film
  • - ground coffee
  • - sugar
  • - alcohol
  • stencil or marker
  • a syringe
  • toothpick
To prepare a composition for applying a temporary tattoo, you need to buy a special henna in powder form (the one where you dye your hair, will not work). The powder is thoroughly mixed with lemon juice. The resulting mass should not be too thin, and try to avoid lumps. A bowl of weight you need to close with cling film or any plastic bag and let stand for at least 12 hours. If the paste is too thick, it should again dilute the lemon juice and again let stand.
In order to give the paint a darker colour into the mix can add ground coffee. A mandatory component, which is added at the end – sugar. It will help the paint stay longer on the skin.
Having defined the part of the body, which will be applied the tattoo, it is necessary to prepare. Get rid of the hair and clean skin surface with alcohol or lotion.
Pre-select the picture that will be applied to the skin. It is best to prepare a stencil of the sketch, cut from the thick film. If the stencil, no drawing on the skin can be pre-applied with waterproof marker.
For tattooing of henna you can use different methods and techniques. Perhaps, it's best to apply paint using a medical syringe without the needle. For small elements, use a toothpick or a match. Also, if you want to fill large areas, use a plastic bag with a small hole, through which is extruded the composition.
Without removing the stencil, let the figure dry. Remember, the longer the henna dries, the darker the tattoo. After removing the stencil, gently shake off the remnants of dried paint dry cloth. Trendy tattoo is ready.
To ensure that your new decoration longer pleasing to the eye and aroused the envy of others, try in the first few days do not RUB the skin washcloth and avoid direct sunlight, to ensure the image is not dark.

Advice 5 : How to decorate a phone with a transferable tattoo

I want to tell you how you can decorate the cover of the phone (though the back cover is good only on light colors) regular temporary tattoo, and along with saucer, and teapot and cups and even a vase. Since the smartphone is Chinese, the idea was to give it a Russian spirit, depicting some kind of fantastic animal, however, better than the Firebird did not find anyone.
How to decorate a phone with a transferable tattoo
You will need
  • - tattoos;
  • - polymer clay of the type "Dragon" or "Prestige" (or epoxy/ alkyd nail Polish / yacht varnish;
  • - iron
  • - solvent type acetone.
Cut out the tattoo, remove the film from the front of the tattoo and apply it to the cover of the phone face down.
Wetted with water (preferably hot) paper side of the tattoo, firmly press and hold until adhesion to the cover of the phone.
Then wait a minute and try to gently remove the paper from the tattoo. As you can see, is not always possible to remove successfully: either the paper may not come off from the tattoo, or the tattoo from the paper.
Then, for best adhesion tattoo will heat the iron (full power for cotton fabrics) and progladni paper side of the tattoo for a minute.
Then cover the top tattoo polymer clay "Dragon" or "Prestige" (or epoxy/ alkyd nail Polish / quick-drying yacht varnish). However, I like polymer clay because it will quickly osteklenie - in 15-30 minutes and is not afraid of water. Bought it, wind it around the brush to remove excess glue, or after the brush will last threads of glue zasyhaya and dirtying all around.
Glue residue gently wash it with a match, preferably soaked in solvent type acetone. Also good soluble in hairspray. Waiting for a final drying for about an hour and it is advisable to apply about two layers of glue yet.
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