You will need
  • henna;
  • - lemon juice;
  • - sugar.
To create a temporary tattoo is most often used multi-colored henna. To realize a fairly simple plot and his own hands at home. Often temporary tattoos are small drawings which can be placed absolutely anywhere.
To apply a temporary tattoo on the skin in various ways. Usually, it is the stencil or the pattern is transferred to the skin with the help of the parchment, after which all lines of the image are connected using henna. In that case, if the tattoo does an inexperienced artist, it is best to use a ready-made template.
Henna (in tube) can be purchased in beauty supply stores or make it at home. You need to prepare the stencil. Drawing using water-soluble felt-tip pen applied to parchment, then cut out. Next, you will need to lubricate the area, which will house tattoo, a roll-on deodorant. The parchment must be applied to the skin, and then carefully pressed. If done correctly, the deodorant will dissolve the coloring elements and a stencil future tattoo will remain on the skin.
Temporary tattoo bring to mind using the cooled ink paste which is applied with a special syringe kulikou. The skin will need to apply the template, then carefully fix and paint colors the remaining free intervals. Ink paste must be left on the skin until then, until it is dry, it will take approximately 8 hours. Then the paint should be scraped off with the handkerchief, the resulting figure can not be wetted for two days.
The tattoo made with henna on the skin, can last longer with proper care. When the paint is dry, the tattoo should be moistened with a mixture of sugar and lemon juice, the ratio should be 1 to 2. You must also try to avoid sweating (if possible) and long contact with water.