Before the procedure, be sure to disinfect the tools and the area of skin that will be tattooed. In the salons often use proprietary tools, but can be limited to medical alcohol. Also will not be superfluous to pass a test for an allergic reaction, which can cause not only ink, but also paint for body art.

Transfer sketch using carbon paper

Put the printed thumbnail sheet of carbon paper ink side up and gently trace the pattern. Thus, you will get a mirror copy of your favorite image. Then soak the area where you want to get a tattoo, alcohol. Firmly press a copy of the application sketch, while trying not to displace the sheet of paper to obtain a clear print. If the sketch lines are not visible on the skin, carefully trace the pattern with a sharp object, for example, a solid pencil or toothpick. For this method of image transfer should use the blueprint, the color of which contrasts with the color of skin, for example black, blue or green.

How to redraw the sketch using tracing paper

First you need to trace your chosen pattern on any size piece of tracing paper. To do this, use gel pens: black, red, green or blue. When the sketch will be fully transferred to the tracing paper, disinfect and RUB with soap the area that you want to decorate a permanent or temporary tattoo. Secure the tracing paper with tape or band and drag the pointed stick or a sharpened pencil outline of the picture.

If you decide whether you want to have a permanent tattoo, drawing gel pens will help you to choose not causing harm to health and your image. The gel is easily washed off with water and soap, so to make such a tattoo can be anyone without any cost.

Useful tips for those who want to get a tattoo

In order not to suffer from a poorly chosen pattern, placement, or poorly executed work, try to make a temporary tattoo. Henna, rhinestones, paints for body art will decorate your body on vacation, but you can easily get rid of them by the time when you need to go back to work.

Please contact the salons with good recommendations and don't forget to check the master all the necessary licenses. Tattoo at home can seriously undermine your health.

Make sure that the master worked in a sterile gloves and cut the skin and tools with rubbing alcohol or other sanitizer.