Advice 1: How long lasts temporary tattoo

A temporary tattoo is a great way to cheer yourself up, to emphasize belonging to any society or involvement in the event, to try yourself in a completely new way. A definite plus is that it is temporary, and therefore, there is always the possibility to start from the beginning.
How long lasts temporary tattoo

Temporary tattoo

Temporary tattoos come in several forms, depends on how much they will hold on the skin. So, a press-on tattoo is much easier than other options, however, and is not too long. On average it remains on the skin unharmed just a few days, and then begins to deteriorate.

Tattoo made by method of airbrushing, linger on the skin too, just a few days, but for its application need the artist specialist equipment. Increasingly, aerodata can be done in special shops.

Tattoos that are applied using special seals that keep the skin no more than a week. They are applied easily, especially if you choose existing designs of seals.

Caused Indian henna pattern, or "mehendi", stays on the skin for several weeks. And bring it to prematurely fail. Synthetic mixtures of henna (colorful or black) are no less an example. Black henna is not more than a week, do three or four days.
There are special stamps for henna, with which you can literally build a picture designer, combining them in a planned manner.

As extend the shelf life of tattoo

Temporary tattoo for the longest time hold on the ankles, wrists, backs of hands, leg lifts. The skin in these areas is very thin, with sebaceous and sweat glands are almost there, so the exfoliation of dead skin cells is much slower.
If you want to get rid of the tattoo, RUB the picture with alcohol or any liquid which is alcohol. It is quite easy to remove the pictures.

To temporary tattoo stayed with you longer, you need to follow some rules. Tattoo because nothing is fixed from the surface, any serious or gross exposure to hot water and special detergents violate its integrity. All kinds of tattoos, after such exposure rapidly losing its appeal may fade a fragment of the picture may fade color. Perhaps this does not apply only to the tattoo, therefore, the patterning by this method it is important to be extremely careful.

Do not use washcloths in the area of the temporary tattoo to wet it costs as little as possible, do not RUB, do not scrub the tattoo area. Keep the tattoo in as dry condition. "Mehendi" before showering to lubricate any vegetable oil, to be safe from loss of color, other types better just not to touch.

Advice 2: How long does a temporary tattoo

A temporary tattoo is a good way to show your creativity and decorate the body before a party or beach holiday. The durability of such a picture depends on used for depositing.
The longevity of the tattoo depends on the materials used

Henna painting

Natural henna — a dye that can be purchased at almost any hardware store. So as not to cause skin irritation, pay attention to the composition of the dye powder, namely, the lack of artificial dyes.

Henna tattoo is easy to do at home on a ready-made stencil or your own sketch. Before applying the pattern you want to remove hair from that area you want to decorate. You should also degrease the skin with alcohol or containing tonic.

Image lasts up to three months, evenly without losing the color intensity. If your boss does not approve of such means of self-expression, select the location for the tattoo that is easy to hide under clothing.

Airbrush and body art

In seaside resorts often offer to make a temporary tattoo with special paints for the body. They usually have a hypoallergenic composition, but before the procedure it is advisable to test them on an inconspicuous area of the body.

Such tattoo is applied with a special spray gun stencils. If you are using different colors you can achieve amazing transition effects or similarities with this tattoo.

The main advantage of airbrush makeup for office workers — its fragility. The picture washed away during the week, but you will be able to show off at the beach and impress everyone with your refined taste.

Shiny ornament

These tattoos are popular with girls. For application use a special bioadhesive has been and brilliant powder or crystals. The adhesive is applied on the stencil, then sprinkle glitter or lay out the pattern of crystals. The drawing will last up to two weeks, if you apply it on the exposed body part and promptly corrected. This solution is suitable not only for beaches but also for the party, because after the holiday ornament is easy to remove.

Decals image

Pictures of perevodilki do not have to remain in childhood: specialized stores sell kits that these temporary tattoos are made in a variety of designs to suit every taste. They allow you safely and cheaply to decorate the body before a short vacation. For three days the tattoo will disappear, and if you need to remove it before you can use the alcohol. Decals also allow the original to decorate the body of the sun tattoo that will stay with you after sun.


Fashion is gradually becoming another method of Express-tattoos — impression. Use rubber stamps and non-toxic paint for airbrushing the body. This pattern will not last more than a week. For emergency removal will require a special solution, the composition of which depends on the chosen paint.

Advice 3: How long does a henna tattoo

Henna tattoos are becoming increasingly popular. They are perfect to help Express yourself, to show creativity, to complete the unusual outfit. They keep not too long – usually not more than two or three weeks, it depends on the placement and composition of henna.
How long does a henna tattoo

How long does a tattoo?

Temporary henna tattoo or "mehendi" can be done at home. You need to buy the very henna in tube or soluble mixture, stencils, base vegetable oil. Stencils help to put a traditional pattern, which is very useful for beginners. Instead of overlapping stencils, you can use stamps, but this approach does not allow for the henna tattoo stand, so that the tattoo, applied by stamp in contrast to a normal will not last more than a week.
It is not necessary to apply a symmetrical pattern. Often a small delicate pattern with a clear asymmetry looks more interesting.

How to make a tattoo more resistant?

It is believed that the longer the mixture of henna dries on the skin, the more resistant will be the final pattern. That is why the site, which will be located tattoo, wipe a small amount of vegetable oil, then draw the pattern freehand or using stencils, and line drawing must be a thin "sausage" of henna, and then these "sausages" are regularly soaked in oil to make them dry as long as possible. This approach allows the henna to stay on the skin for up to three weeks, but no tricks will not allow regular tattoo of henna to stay on the skin year or at least a few months.

Especially effective is this procedure of drawing, if before you will make peeling the skin, affecting the area where you want to place the graphic. If it's legs, don't forget to do the waxing. Then the henna will go smoothly and beautifully.

You need to understand that henna tattoos the longest hold on her wrists and ankles, as these areas of the human skin is most dry, there is less of sebaceous glands, so that their allocation does not affect the picture. To figure lasted a little longer, in the first days it is desirable to exclude water treatments. A couple of times a week figure you can lubricate with a little oil, this will make the lines brighter.

The first time it is best to do "mehendi" in a special salon, where you can select the picture in the catalog to discuss with the master application, choose the color of henna. You need to consider that tanned skin traditional red henna can look rather dull. Burgundy or black for tan skin better, but they keep only a week and a half. This applies to any "colored" henna additives make it less resistant.

Usually henna is "slipping" fragments, otslaivanie on small scales. To speed up the drawing Department, you can go to the sauna, wipe the place of the pattern of alcohol soak in a bath teloi. But even in this case, the pattern will go for a few days.
Playing sports promotes sweating, and it destroys the picture, so at least in the early days, if you were tattooed to some specific event, it is better to avoid active sports.

Before applying the pattern it is best to check your skin for an allergic reaction, just put some henna in the knee or elbow. If within twenty to twenty five minutes, no redness or irritation, you can make yourself henna. If a negative reaction is manifested, it is better to forget about this kind of temporary tattoo.

Advice 4: How long does a tattoo drawn

Tattoo – a talisman, which can bring luck and misfortune. A lot depends on how balanced is the solution. If you doubt their desire, the ideal option in this situation will be drawn tattoo. Are applied to body image are of different types and are held from 1 to 3 weeks.
How long does a tattoo drawn

Drawn tattoo: varieties and their "validity"

There are many variations drawn tattoo:

Glitter-tattoo. This temporary tattoo is applied with a hypoallergenic adhesive, special dry stencil and colored sparkles (rhinestones). Glitter tattoos can stay on the body from 1 to 2 weeks. Experts say that this kind of tattoo is one of the safest figures on the body. That is why it can be done even by little children.

Tattoo colors. To draw her you can use hypoallergenic glue that is different colours and special top coat. The validity of this "tattoo" is from 1 to 2 weeks.
Symbolic patterns painted with henna, a fascinating look at the body, and after washing they don't leave a single trace.

Henna tattoo, "mehndi" (biotatu). Henna painting is most popular among girls and women. It has a number of advantages, as:
- it is most similar to the real tattoo;
natural henna does not cause allergies;
- it is minimally penetrates the skin;
- this tattoo lasts up to 2-3 weeks.

How to extend the "life" painted a henna tattoo

How long will last your drawn tattoo largely depends on compliance with the following guidelines:

Before you draw the tattoo, be sure to do skin peeling and waxing guide.
Clean and smooth skin is the first rule to ensure that your tattoo lasted as long as possible.

After painting, try not to swim in salt water, while water-based treatments to avoid soap and various scrubs.

Try to reduce physical activity to tattoo does not begin to fall due to heavy sweating.

Note that the most persistent areas of the body under the tattoo are the wrist, neck (back), ankle. Tattoo drawn on her chest, neck (front) or stomach are erased much faster.

If you can influence the choice of ingredients in henna, make sure that you've mixed natural henna, ground coffee beans or black tea, lavender oil, sugar. This temporary tattoo can last up to 1 month.

After applying image brush tattoo sesame or almond oil.

Performing all these items, you will be able to enjoy a temporary tattoo a lot longer than expected.

Advice 5: How much it costs to get a tattoo

The question of cost future of tattoo care everyone who dared to portray something on the body. The price of the pictures will depend on many parameters, and it is better to know what not to ask too many questions master.
How much it costs to get a tattoo

What affects the cost of tattoos

First, the price effect will be the tattoo in color or black and white. Depend on the quantity of spent paint and the overall complexity of the work. If you are contemplating a large and colorful figure in the whole of the back with various hues, it is important to understand that it will always be more expensive than the same picture in black and white.

Secondly, a strong influence on the cost of having the future site of the tattoo. Here the important parameter is the number of folds in the skin, its elasticity, the proximity of the bones. The easiest way to do the tattoos on his arms, chest.

Thirdly, the cost depends greatly on who and where will do you a tattoo. A man can be a great specialist, has done for 1000 tattoos at various places with great equipment. But it could be a beginner who will probably make the picture crooked. To solve certainly to you, but to strive for savings in this matter is impossible.

Fourth, the influence upon the price of the finished sketch. Otherwise you will have to describe to the master what you want. He, in turn, first you need to draw a rough image that you approve of or not.

Information about the work of tattoo artist

Because of this the number of components of the cost of tattoo artist came to the formation of the final prices on the basis of the time spent to result. On average, one hour of time is estimated at 1000. But there are tattoos that are done in 30 minutes to an hour. For this, it was decided to use the minimum cost of a tattoo. It usually ranges from 2 to 3 thousand rubles.

No need to worry that a tattoo artist specially is stalling for time, basically all they are the owners of their salons and as such they have no plan. That is, they work and pleasure, too, if they see that spent more time than you need, and the price tag turns into a round figure, you will most likely get a discount.

No need to rush the wizard to finish faster. He himself will not do and it can affect your health, because the skin is very delicate. And if you say that you have to wait until it is healed. On skin that it is impossible to work, and the consequences can be very dire.

Some people are very sensitive to this pain, because painkillers can be used. Of course, you should not be allergies or other intolerance. All this should be prescribed in the contract to avoid any unpleasant consequences. Its the responsibility of both parties to the process.
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