Tattoos are permanent and temporary. Stencils are mainly used for temporary tattoos. The stencil firmly attached to the skin that delivers a crisp and smooth edge of the picture, and subsequently, after drying, it is carefully removed. Stencils can be made of different materials: metal, self adhesive film, plastic or Plexiglas.
Self-made stencil choose the material on which you will be able to draw the necessary outlines, and then cut them out to get required a picture. Best suited adhesive tape. This is the most safe material to work with at home.
Select high-quality film of the required width. Width will depend on the size of the image you want to put on the stencil.
Selected apply a drawing on thin paper and fix it on the surface of the adhesive film. Prepare a wooden Board on which it will be convenient to position the tape and sit back, so that the light fell on the left on the work surface. Light should be enough so that the stencil is smooth and clear. The quality of the stencil will depend on the future pattern on the skin.
Do not attach adhesive tape on the surface of the plates because during the work on the stencil will be much easier to rotate the workpiece, and not to revolve around the table.
Take a paper knife. Use the smallest that you can find. The thinner the blade is, the more accurate will be the cutting line.
Proceed directly to excision. Left hand hold the workpiece, and gently press the right knife for the paper on the contours of the figure so as to pierce the first layer of paper on which a drawing and a layer of adhesive tape.
Try not to tear the knife from the paper during cutting long straight lines or curves without corners. If you frequently tear the knife from the paper in places of corners, you get ticks, from which it will be difficult to get rid of.
After completion of release paper and place adhesive tape on the surface of a contrasting color. Checking the evenness of the lines, one can consider the stencil ready.