To do the enema should be at the initial stage of childbirth. With a significant cervical dilatation and vain attempts to carry out this procedure is prohibited.
To do enema before childbirth at home will need a special device for sanitary purposes – a Esmarch rubber tank (capacity of 1.5-2l). It can be purchased at any pharmacy.
Mug Esmarch should pour half a litre of warm (not above 37?C), preferably boiled, water.
The water needs a little pull to expel from the tube part of the rubber reservoir, excess air.
The plastic tip devices should be lubricated with vaseline, fat baby cream or soap.
Rubber tank filled with warm water, it should be suspended vertically at a height of a meter and a half from the couch, bed, floor, in General, of the plane, where it will lie pregnant woman c enema.
During the procedure, the woman should lie on your left side or stand on all fours, leaning with their elbows on a horizontal surface.
The feeling of filling of the intestine should appear, the expectant mother in the first minute of the procedure.
To reduce the discomfort from the discomfort of fullness of the intestines, you need to breathe deeply and evenly, and stroking himself on the stomach.
When all the water from the rubber of the tank will be in the intestine of the pregnant woman, she can safely go to the toilet.
Re an enema before childbirth can be done in 30-40 minutes after the first, making sure that the water from the previous enemas had completely left the intestines.
Before you put an enema before childbirth at home, the expectant mother should consult a doctor.