Advice 1: How to cleanse the bowel before birth

Every expectant mother, preparing for childbirth, thinking over every detail. Up to what hygienic procedures she needs to do before the trip to the hospital, do I need to cleanse the bowel prior to delivery, and how to do it properly. In fact, different perinatal centers and maternity hospitals set their own rules of hygienic preparation of the mothers.
How to cleanse the bowel before birth
If the hospital where you are going to have the baby, no firm units, to do a cleansing enema before delivery or to avoid it, approach the problem as you see fit.
Do not drink laxatives medical devices, especially containing herbal extracts of buckthorn, Senna (Senna). Correct, if your decision to clean the intestines before birth, to do a home enema.
Use an enema of simple warm water (boiled and cooled). Can use to prepare the enema solution pharmaceutical preparation "Norgalax", which does not violate the intestinal microflora of pregnant and well it washes.
Enema needs to be filled with a volume of up to one or one and a half liters. To do it lying down on its side. Ask for help friends to introduce you an enema in the anus, lubricated with vaseline or nourishing cream. After the introduction of the enema lie down a bit and go to the toilet. If you feel that the enema is not fully emptied your bowel – repeat the procedure again.
Try an enema to do before the strong contractions and the onset of the birth itself. Procedure bowel cleansing carried out in advance will help you concentrate completely on the condition of the bowel at the time of birth, and the birth of the baby.
In the old days an enema before delivery is done without exception to all expectant mothers. Today, certain rules this does not exist and it is believed that intelligent nature and human physiology alone will clean the intestines by natural mothers trip to the toilet. And by definition it is. On the eve of the birth, the woman goes to the toilet "in large" to 2-3 times a day, cleans your intestines.
Useful advice
A week before the birth go fully vegetarian food without dairy products in the diet. On the day of birth, beginning with the separation of water or the first fights it is advisable to take no food. But you can drink, such as mineral water without gas or water, acidulated with lemon juice.

Advice 2 : How to do an enema before childbirth

In the recent past , enemas were mandatory before the childbirth. Medical personnel, modern hospitals are more loyal to the unwillingness of expectant mothers to do an enema. They do not force the woman to carry out this procedure against her will. But if the expectant mother finally decided on an enema before childbirth, she should know exactly how this procedure is performed in order not to make things worse for yourself and the unborn baby.
Do an enema before delivery should be only with the consent of the doctor.
To do the enema should be at the initial stage of childbirth. With a significant cervical dilatation and vain attempts to carry out this procedure is prohibited.
To do enema before childbirth at home will need a special device for sanitary purposes – a Esmarch rubber tank (capacity of 1.5-2l). It can be purchased at any pharmacy.
Mug Esmarch should pour half a litre of warm (not above 37?C), preferably boiled, water.
The water needs a little pull to expel from the tube part of the rubber reservoir, excess air.
The plastic tip devices should be lubricated with vaseline, fat baby cream or soap.
Rubber tank filled with warm water, it should be suspended vertically at a height of a meter and a half from the couch, bed, floor, in General, of the plane, where it will lie pregnant woman c enema.
During the procedure, the woman should lie on your left side or stand on all fours, leaning with their elbows on a horizontal surface.
The feeling of filling of the intestine should appear, the expectant mother in the first minute of the procedure.
To reduce the discomfort from the discomfort of fullness of the intestines, you need to breathe deeply and evenly, and stroking himself on the stomach.
When all the water from the rubber of the tank will be in the intestine of the pregnant woman, she can safely go to the toilet.
Re an enema before childbirth can be done in 30-40 minutes after the first, making sure that the water from the previous enemas had completely left the intestines.
Before you put an enema before childbirth at home, the expectant mother should consult a doctor.

Advice 3 : How to cleanse the bowel completely

Stagnation in the intestines are the cause of disruption of functioning, causing disruptions of some organs worsen the condition of skin, hair, slow metabolism, etc. Sometimes the intestine is so intoxicated that requires gradual and repeated the procedure.
How to cleanse the bowel completely
You will need
  • - chamomile;
  • - boiled beets;
  • - prunes, raisins, dried apricots, dried nettle, olive oil and honey;
  • grass Senna;
  • - vegetable oil;
  • - flax seed.
Start with a hot drink and Labasa products. Prepare a decoction of chamomile and at one time drink two cups of hot beverage – this technique prostimulirujte the flow of bile and may cause the urge for a natural evacuation of the bowels. Choose a day when you will be able to use a laxative food (boiled beets, prunes, etc.) or herbal extract (laxative collection with the herb Senna). Prepare a mixture of chopped prunes, raisins and apricots, add a bit of dried nettle. Add mass to the composition of equal parts olive oil and honey – take three tablespoons after dinner with water.
Drink the oil. Vegetable oil (almond, olive, castor, etc.) should be consumed on an empty stomach, you can take a course of cleansing the liver. Combine the intake of oil with the use of decoction of flax seed and drink it on the spoon for an hour before eating.
Do a cleansing enema. The liquid for the enema you can use boiled water, decoction of chamomile, mother and stepmother. For complete cleansing of the bowel will need several treatments – spend every day until then, until you feel relief.
Proceed through colon hydrotherapy. Physical method is full cleansing of the bowel, which is conducted in hospital under medical supervision, allows to remove even adhering particles from the solid residue. The procedure is performed in several stages: at the first session only clears the rectum, during the second session the water will penetrate into the lower parts of the large intestine, and further purification is made deeper and deeper. Each session lasts about half an hour, and for the complete purgation may require up to ten sessions. At the end of the course, your bowels will be cleansed of years of sediments.
Clean the intestines by drinking salt water. Morning fasting drink two glasses of salt water (one tablespoon in one liter of water), and then within a half hour have another drink 10 glasses. Breaks to exercise (bending, turning the torso, rotation, etc.). Need cleansing until then, until you clear the intestines completely – it will come out clean water, without impurities.

Advice 4 : How to clean the intestines

Natural cleansing of the bowel should occur daily. If you have a problem with that, then you need to contribute to the normalization of digestion and chair. There are several ways to do it. Choose the most suitable one for you.
How to clean the intestines
Take a laxative the drug if you need to clean the intestines as soon as possible. Fast acting magnesium. Dissolve 1 packet in a glass of water, drink in one gulp and wash down with juice or take in your mouth a spoonful of sugar. Magnesium has a bitter taste, but it works well. This day better not get out of the house, as the toilet will pull hard and often. After 10-12 hours the drug will stop.
Try to clear the bowels more gentle way, if the first option you for some reason are not suitable. Take light laxatives, for example, "Guttalaks", "Senada" or similar preparations. But do not resort to using them too often, otherwise the bowel will become lazy and cease to self-clean.
Take a cleansing enema, if you want to release the bowel from all of the content and not run to the toilet every minute, as from laxatives. Boil several liters of water, cool and enter into the rectum with a mug Esmarch. To enhance the effect, add water magnesia powder or regular baby soap.
Drink at least 3 liters of fluid. Well improve the intestinal fruit juices with pulp. Also eat fruits and vegetables in its pure form. The more will come of ballast substances, the better the digestive process.
In the morning, eat a tablespoon of honey and the same of olive oil. Then drink a glass of cool boiled water. Diarrhea will not be, but regular use of these products job of the intestine is normalized, and it will be free from toxins.
Go to a gastroenterologist if the bowel problems continue. It is possible that you have a poorly working liver or pancreas. If all goes well with the body, radically revise the diet, avoid salted, oily and spicy food, eat less cereals and bread – this could provoke indigestion.

Advice 5 : How to clean the colon without enema

Currently, due to wrong lifestyle and poor diet, most people suffering from slagging of the organism. To clean the intestines in various ways, even without the use of an enema.
juices to cleanse the bowels

Cleaning with a solution of salt and mineral water

When setting enemas impossible or inconvenient, to resort to folk methods, which are vast. One of them is the use of salt solution. You need to take 1 — 2 tablespoons of salt and dissolve it in 1 liter of water. Salted liquid when used perfectly and is rapidly absorbed by the intestinal villi and contributes to the motility and removal of all toxins. About an hour need to drink about 5 cups of cold, salted water, with the result that very quickly will have the urge to defecate.

Another method of bowel cleansing involves the use of mineral water and sugar. It is a completely safe tool that quickly and well to cleanse the intestines. The recipe is quite simple: you will need to take a bottle of mineral water, half to mix it with 2 tablespoons of xylitol and drink. After admission to actively move, so that the water is better mixed. After a while, the procedure must be repeated.

Other methods of bowel cleansing

A good effect has been the use of infusion of linseed. This will need to take a tablespoon of seeds, pour a glass of hot water. Then put the infusion in a cool place and drink in the morning. It is important that the infusion was cool. In addition, it is recommended to drink not only the liquid but also the seeds. Cleansing effect have cereal or bran. It is advisable to eat every day a couple of tablespoons of bran. They perfectly display all harmful substances and purify the intestinal wall.

The following method involves the use of active, beneficial microflora together with the milk. To do this in 1 liter of warm milk, it is recommended to dissolve 1 vial of "Bifidumbacterin", "Lactobacterin" and drink 1 Cup within a month.
It is good that the gut is populated with beneficial microorganisms. It is known that it is better to clean the intestines constantly. It is important to eat right. All fruits and vegetables, especially raw, contain pectin and fiber, which improves bowel function, encourages better digestion and cleansing of the body.

For cleansing daily is recommended to eat fruits and vegetables in their raw form, no less useful and fresh juices. Thus, on the basis of the foregoing we can conclude that cleanse the colon without an enema is very simple, it is only necessary to know the recipe.
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