If the hospital where you are going to have the baby, no firm units, to do a cleansing enema before delivery or to avoid it, approach the problem as you see fit.
Do not drink laxatives medical devices, especially containing herbal extracts of buckthorn, Senna (Senna). Correct, if your decision to clean the intestines before birth, to do a home enema.
Use an enema of simple warm water (boiled and cooled). Can use to prepare the enema solution pharmaceutical preparation "Norgalax", which does not violate the intestinal microflora of pregnant and well it washes.
Enema needs to be filled with a volume of up to one or one and a half liters. To do it lying down on its side. Ask for help friends to introduce you an enema in the anus, lubricated with vaseline or nourishing cream. After the introduction of the enema lie down a bit and go to the toilet. If you feel that the enema is not fully emptied your bowel – repeat the procedure again.
Try an enema to do before the strong contractions and the onset of the birth itself. Procedure bowel cleansing carried out in advance will help you concentrate completely on the condition of the bowel at the time of birth, and the birth of the baby.