The hospital pre-select, even if you do not intend to contract with an insurance company. Make a list of nearby hospitals, read reviews on specialized forums. Not worth the risk and choose a hospital that is far away from you. Unless you're planning to go into it in advance (under contract) or to stay nearby. After all, childbirth is a very unpredictable process, as the situation on the road.
To the hospital with contractions you can come alone by car, and can call an Ambulance. In the second case, if you have no contract with a particular hospital, the brigade "first aid" can take you to the institution, which will contact and there will be empty seats. Of course, you have the right to ask to the desired location, but it guarantees that you will get there, no one will.
Please bring your own bag with the necessary things and documents. In the package put the rubber Slippers, socks, cellphone, a bottle of clean drinking water. In a transparent folder to fold documents: passport and its copy, exchange card, insurance policy and a copy of the birth certificate or the contract for delivery. If you give birth a contract, before leaving the hospital, call your doctor.
Upon admission to the hospital you will be greeted in the waiting room. If you brought in an Ambulance in queue (if any) you do not have to sit. Once you give the nurses. And for those who came down, sometimes you have to wait – it depends on the hospital and the level of congestion. In the emergency room you will be examined by the doctor on duty (or your personal gynecologist) and if he confirms that labor has really started, the nurses will prepare all the necessary documents. You will be given a nightgown and Bathrobe, her things you will be able to write to the maintainer or write on a post – they will give later. You will make all the mandatory hygienic procedures (perineal shaving, enema) may appoint ultrasound and electrocardiogram.
After all procedures you carried out in roadblock. Waiting "in the wings" you will be either a pre-chamber or directly in the ancestral box – all depends on the equipment of the hospital. You can get in a single box, and can get and a few neighbors. If the workload of the hospital on this day is high, it is possible that even have to sit in the hallway if you have no contract to labor, providing for comfortable conditions. In the period of fights you put the sensor for their monitoring, so you'll have to lie down. If the hospital has more advanced equipment, you may be asked to wait out the contractions on the exercise ball, or even a small pool.
The midwife and the doctor who will deliver babies will come to you to get to know, to do the necessary procedures. If you want to do an epidural, you will invite an anesthesiologist. In the case of normal course of labour no more experts woman not looking. To sit with you, no one will, that's why it is so important the presence of a loved one – massage the back, to give to drink, call the doctor. If you are lying in the delivery room, at the time of the birth bed transformerait in the chair. But if you were in the prenatal ward, I will have to go to Rojal.
After birth the baby will be examined by the neonatologist, will make all the necessary procedures with you at this time would be to do the doctor. After the baby attach to the breast and will give you time to enjoy the first moments of communication. An hour after birth, if all is well (no bleeding mothers), you with the baby (if the hospital practices rooming-in of mother and child) transferred to the postnatal ward where you will rest. Stay in the hospital for normal births varies from 3 to 5 days after a caesarean to 7 days.
If you have a caesarean section – planned or emergency, you will pass Rojal, and will be taken to the operating room. Relatives were not allowed there, but the baby after birth, the Pope will hold.