You will need
  • - Sawdust;
  • - old Newspapers;
  • - bowls for food and water;
  • food;
  • - the vitamins;
  • - medical gloves.
A year of very active females may lead to two broods ezhat (from four to eight cubs). The gestation period lasts for forty-nine days. Before birth, the hedgehog becomes restless, irritable, doesn't eat much, preferring the water. Trying to set up a quiet place a special brood nest for the future offspring as well: hauling the pieces of bark, moss and leaves.
Hedgehogs, like all mammals, are viviparous. Weigh kids at birth is about twelve to fourteen grams and the length is seven centimeters. Immediately after birth the tiny calf defenseless. Soft white and grey needles appear bright pink skin only after four hours. Hoglets are blind, but are able to curl into a ball. Eyes open in sixteen days. In the first days of life the mother moves away from the brood. It warms ezhat warmth of his body and feeds milk.
Real needle in adult urchins, the young appear in about a month. On the second month of life hedgehogs are a kind of learning. Mother shows how to forage, how to hunt, and who is to be feared. Although kids already eat worms, caterpillars, the hedgehog still feed the offspring with milk. So is summer and autumn young hedgehogs leave the mother and begin to live independently. Hedgehogs live in the wild three to four years, and in captivity up to ten years.