Purification of the rectum with kosmetikoy kind of purification is the simplest and most common. Take a mug Esmarch rubber container with a special four-foot tube and a rubber tip. Pour in two liters of warm water and enter into the anus. This procedure will clear a straight intestine, lower intestine and sigmoid colon. Under normal purification two liters of water is enough, but sometimes the procedure is carried out until the period until the water clears. Such complete purification may be required before the examination of the internal organs of the abdominal cavity.
Often to cleanse the rectum using a rubber bulb. But this method has a drawback – the volume of the rubber bulb is small, so a full rinsing will not work. The rubber bulb is more appropriate to apply for mikroklizm. They are designed for the introduction of decoctions of medicinal herbs in the straight intestine.
Purification of the rectum with the help of decoctions of medicinal travelers and many folk remedies to cleanse the rectum and only intestines in General. For example, you can use the collection of medicinal herbs: 30 g of burdock root boiled in a liter of water. To the broth add 10 grams of nettle. The entire mixture simmer for another eight minutes. Then this broth remove from heat, add 30 grams of mint, elder flowers and clover. This healing broth is cool, strain and store in refrigerator. Make it half a glass thirty minutes before a meal. This decoction will clear a straight intestineand help move the bowels, clean the blood, liver and kidneys.
If you regularly cleanse the bowel and straight intestine, it is possible to help the body rid itself of toxins. This will improve the quality of life, improve the complexion, helps in the treatment of many diseases. However, the rate of purification of the rectum and colon should start with a medical consultation and examination.