You will need
  • You'll need time.
Decide on the theme booklet. The word "booklet" comes to us from France and is translated as "ring". Accordingly, this printing product made on one sheet, and folded so that the text could be read without cutting. In the form of a booklets are typically issued guides, maps, advertising, brochures, programs.
Work on the theme of the bookletand text content. Despite the fact that the booklets are usually not large in size, it allows you to put on his page succinct and informative text. For example, talk about your product/service, price list, illustrations, and a map to your office.
Design. Depending on the theme bookletand choose a color scheme, font and style of the image. Ideally, good design bookletand is the combination of external and of form and content, color schemes complemented by branding.
Select format. The most popular format for a bookletand an A4 with two folds. Although if you wish, you can order any format – it will naturally affect the cost.
Select "jewelry". Modern technologies allow to decorate printing products of various design refinements. Possible: stamping (including silver and gold), offset coating or UV varnish, laminating, hot stamping, lamination. All that you will prompt the imagination and finances allow.
You've thought of everything – you can go to the printer and to translate vision into reality.