To extend the leaveand care for a child up to three years is necessary to write the statement. It can be filed immediately in writing of an application for granting leaveand care for a child up to six years. Or filed separately, but not later than two weeks before the end of vacationand up to six years.
The application must specify the start and end dates of the leaveand care for a child under the age of three. To submit it under the personal resolution of the Director.
The woman is maintained the workplace, and to terminate the employment relationship with her impossible.
After the end of leaveand care for a child up to three years to go to work or take another vacationif it has not been used previously.
Then you can take a vacation without pay, but not more than 30 days. Is the number of days to provide maximum vacationand in the course of one year.
The rest of the time that you need to care for a child can be issued only by personal negotiation with the employer.
Optional extended vacationand exceeding a term of 3 years, the labor legislation is not installed. So if a woman is going to sit with the child at home, she will have to resign.
The collective agreement can be established, to provide mothers with many children, single mothers, disabled children additional unpaid leave until children reach the age of 14. But strict instructions on this account are not provided. Therefore, this holiday is not all companies, only those where it is established by the collective agreement.