You will need
  • -statement
  • -copy of birth certificate
  • -certificate of employment of spouse
  • -certificate of adoption
  • -copy of the judgment
Leave to care for a child the following day after sick leave and maternity leave. Up to six years will be charged 40% of the average salary during the 24 months preceding the leave. Leave half to three years is not paid. From the employee who prepares the holiday must be received two statements – on the vacation to achieve a child a year and a half and leave half to three years.
The application must specify the start date and the end of the holidayand to attach the list of documents. All supplied documents are: copy of birth certificate of the child; certificate from the place of work of the spouse that he does not use this vacation. If the leave is for care for a child draws the grandmother or another close relative, then you need to submit a certificate of employment of the mother and father of the child that parents do not use leave for care for a child.
Parents or relatives who take leave for care of adopted child is needed in addition to the above documents, provide a copy of the court decision on adoption and a certificate confirming the adoption.
On the basis of submitted documents the employer produces a uniform order form # T-6. The order is issued in two copies, one copy for HR, one for accounting to accrued benefits. An employee who draws leave, acquaint with the order under the painting.
The order shall indicate name of employee, position, number of the structural unit in which he worked. The employer writes that ordered to provide leave for care for a child till one and a half or three years, depending on the submitted application. Specifies what day, month and year is vacation and what day, month and year, inclusive. Also in order to be paid the documents based on which the leave is granted.