When we speak of leave to care for a child, very often we believe that on a vacation - to the time when he turned three and there is another holiday to one and a half years. There is a perception that these are two separate holidays. In fact, the case.

Its kind connected with the payment of state benefits. Therefore, the Labour code mentions only about the leave to care for a child up to three years.

This is the correct wording in the context of the employment relationship, but not very convenient in real life. Especially burdensome for accounting, because we are talking about different sizes. In everyday life developed in a way that employee writes one statement twice. The difference in the age of the child.

The order is done after the maternity leave ends. Its basis is the statement in which you specify the start and end period.

Documents for registration of the order

When placing the order the employee must be the original document certifying the birth of a child. He need to make a copy, certify it and attach to order.

Relies leave to only one parent. Therefore, the order of the applied reference from the second parent, which confirms that he does not use this leave for their work.

In some companies the HR professionals are asked to bring a certificate from the registry office. This is a bureaucratic excesses. For the decoration of holidays is not required.

If the second child was born, it is necessary to request an additional copy of the certificate for the first child. Because it also depends on the size of payments.

Further action

On the application of the employee shall bear the visa of the head, and then build up the order in the approved form.

The beginning of the holiday is the following date after the employee came out of the decree. The end of the leave coincides with the date when the child turns three years. The order shall be signed by the supervisor and employee.

Information is recorded in the register of orders for the company and a personal card. Orders a statement of vacation, a copy of the document and the certificate is filed in a separate folder.

If personnel records are maintained in the 1C: the order is in the system.

An employee from vacation can go ahead of time. It is necessary to consider, if its place is taken by the person who will temporarily fulfill her duties.