Leave to care for a child has the right to be simultaneously a relative – mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, uncle or aunt. This follows from PP. 50 and 51 of the regulation "On the appointment and payment of state benefits". The basis for appointment and payment of monthly allowances is the decision of the employer. In the case where the mother for some reason cannot stay on leave to care for a child, this right may be exercised by his father.
Keep in mind that the decision of the constitutional court No. 3-RFP from 6.02.2009, in that case, if the child's mother is ill and can not care for him, but his vacation was interrupted by the father will not be able to exercise their right to take care of a child. In this case, the sick mother need to write a statement about the termination of the leave to the head of the organization where she works. The employer must issue the order based on the statement that a woman is obliged to get to work, she should be issued a certificate confirming that she came from vacation. In this case, the woman can call in sick and on its basis to work not to proceed.
In order for your husband to formalise care for the child, it is necessary to prepare a package of documents. For the realization of the rights of the father need to write a letter to the employer with a request for leave to care for a child. To it will need to make a claim for payment of a monthly grant, a copy of the birth certificate of the child, care to be, and a certificate from the mother's employer that she had this type of leave is not used, and the benefit it receives.
Father, are on leave to care for a child, paid a monthly compensation payment, however the amount is small – only 50 rubles. To apply for the appointment of compensation in the personnel Department at work. To the statement attach a copy of the order granting you leave to care for a child.