In the Labour code there is no direct answer to the question on early termination of leave to care for a child. However, the employee has the full right to return to occupy her position previously, what the outcome of the decree.

Reasons for going to work

The reason for the early return to work is a statement. In it a woman must Express their desire to begin their job duties, with the obligatory indication of the planned date. After that, direct the employer issues an order, based on which the accrual of benefits to care for a child stop.

The employer has no right to deny the employee in early return to work. This is due to the fact that maternity leave is a right of women, but certainly not her responsibility.
In the case where the mother leaves the decree earlier than expected, her maternity leave can take someone from relatives: father, grandmother, etc. Enough to write a statement at the place of work.

Also, the employer should initially consider the situation when the employee on maternity leave, got another man. According to article 79 of the Labour code, as soon as a woman comes out of maternity leave, it must take its lawful place of work.

In the case where the employee is already on maternity leave, got pregnant again and again start her maternity leave she must provide a choice of two manuals: child care or maternity.

Payment of benefits upon exit from the decree

The allowance for child care shall be paid only if the woman reported for work, fulfills not a full day. If the employee is out full time, no social payments are not made.

Benefits associated with an early exit from the decree

If the employee has a child under 1.5 years, it can safely every three hours to take a break not less than half an hour. The lunch in this time period is not counted. Also these breaks, a woman can move to the beginning or end of the working day. In both cases, the employee is required in writing to indicate their desire to the accounting Department of the enterprise.
The employee is not absolutely obliged to inform the supervisor about its intention to get out ahead of the decree.
Early exit from the maternity leave does not mean that after some time, you cannot use the rest of it. Until the child reaches the age of 1.5 years, the woman may at any time to return to maternity leave.