Until my baby was 1.5 years mother or other family member caring for a child, are entitled to receive benefits at the expense of the social insurance Fund. This leave may be used in parts or completely. It may take the father of the child, even if the marriage between the parents is not registered. The second part of the holiday involves getting the mother only compensation from the employer (about 50 rubles). However, from the perspective of the right is a single leave for the period during which the worker retains the position and place of work.
The beginning of leave for caring for a child up to 3 years is the day following the end of leave for pregnancy and childbirth. This woman needs to write a letter to the employer on granting leave to 1.5 years and the accrual of benefits.
If you wish to formalise up to 3 years, you should write two statements. One of them is the accrual of benefits to achieve the child 1.5 years - you need to send to accounting, the second – granting of leave – the human resources Department. And that, in either case, you must provide the birth certificate of the child, as well as a certificate of employment of the other parent that the benefit to him is not accrued, and the leave is not granted. If the family already has children, for the calculation of benefits need to submit birth certificates of all children.
The mother or other person caring for the child until they reach 3 years of age, has the right to go to work the incomplete working day or work at home. The allowance paid until the baby is 1.5 years old, stored in the same volume. If a woman returns to work full time, the allowance will cease.
Remember that leave is to care for the child is included in the General seniority, and work experience in the specialty, except for the purpose of preferential pension and pension for years of service. However, while the employee was on leave to care for a child, is not included in the length of service giving entitlement to annual paid vacation.