Of course, there is a category of mothers who do not wish to sit at home for a long time. They are, as soon as the baby is a little older, trying to find him a nursery, a nanny or grandmother. Conversely, some women feel quite comfortable in the role of Housewives, insisting that they fully realize themselves. Nothing wrong neither in the first nor in the second case, no, it's just everyone sees themselves in life.
If return to work is unavoidable, the pre-tune that everyone goes through it. You are not the first and not the last one after a long break returns to work. Before going to work read special literature, to refresh your knowledge by taking a course of lectures or trainings.
Many women fear that, being busy at work, will not be able to perform household duties. Of course, this is quite a bit of time. So involve him, husband, mother or mother-in-law. If possible, hire a housekeeper, at least for a couple of days a week. Then the weekend you will be able to dedicate to her husband and children, as well as own stay.
If you have no desire to return to his former place of work, think maybe it's for the best. After all, maternity leave – a time when you can find the strength for new activities and achievements. Perhaps you wanted to do some business, but it was not enough time. While you sit in the decree, it is possible to finish the courses to raise qualification or to obtain a second degree.
Many mothers went out to work feel guilty for what little time to devote to children. Do not panic and do not worry, in this case, the main thing is not quantity but quality. Baby it's not how much you spend with him time, and the like. So take half an hour to listen to the kid, read him a story, ask about the day. Often hug and kiss the baby, say that you still love him.
Typically, the process of adjusting to a new pace of life is 2-3 months. Therefore, the tuning yourself, think that everything will work out. Get ready in advance to going to work, then you will join it without any problems.