Advice 1: How to get out of the decree

A young mother can return from maternity leave to work without waiting for the execution to the kid of three years. But even in this short time in your company could make a change. So be prepared to change and adjust yourself mentally to the change of scenery.
How to get out of the decree
Of course, there is a category of mothers who do not wish to sit at home for a long time. They are, as soon as the baby is a little older, trying to find him a nursery, a nanny or grandmother. Conversely, some women feel quite comfortable in the role of Housewives, insisting that they fully realize themselves. Nothing wrong neither in the first nor in the second case, no, it's just everyone sees themselves in life.
If return to work is unavoidable, the pre-tune that everyone goes through it. You are not the first and not the last one after a long break returns to work. Before going to work read special literature, to refresh your knowledge by taking a course of lectures or trainings.
Many women fear that, being busy at work, will not be able to perform household duties. Of course, this is quite a bit of time. So involve him, husband, mother or mother-in-law. If possible, hire a housekeeper, at least for a couple of days a week. Then the weekend you will be able to dedicate to her husband and children, as well as own stay.
If you have no desire to return to his former place of work, think maybe it's for the best. After all, maternity leave – a time when you can find the strength for new activities and achievements. Perhaps you wanted to do some business, but it was not enough time. While you sit in the decree, it is possible to finish the courses to raise qualification or to obtain a second degree.
Many mothers went out to work feel guilty for what little time to devote to children. Do not panic and do not worry, in this case, the main thing is not quantity but quality. Baby it's not how much you spend with him time, and the like. So take half an hour to listen to the kid, read him a story, ask about the day. Often hug and kiss the baby, say that you still love him.
Typically, the process of adjusting to a new pace of life is 2-3 months. Therefore, the tuning yourself, think that everything will work out. Get ready in advance to going to work, then you will join it without any problems.

Advice 2 : How to make an exit from holiday

The exit of an employee from an ordinary or additional leave or the scheduled return from leave to care for a child the 3 years I do not need to register. But the second option in case of early exit will have to prepare a number of documents.
How to make an exit from holiday
You will need
  • - application workers with a request to consider leave to care for the child interrupted.
  • - the order on the basis of this statement.
If the employee has decided on an early exit from holiday on care of the child, will not be superfluous to clarify if all she weighed and final this decision.
However, in practice, most employers all crook trying to engage the worker, especially if we are talking about a specialist in the production process as early as possible. But it all depends on the legal culture of leadership.
In any case, to document the termination of leave to care for a child is impossible without the application of the workers about it.
Like any similar document, it is written in the name of the head of the organization with indication of its position, the company name and the names with initials, and contains the title, surname and initials.
Standard wording: "I Beg to interrupt my vacation to care for a child up to 3 years and counting I started to work with ....".
The statement shall be signed by the employee, after which the document is vised by the head of the organization, and informed if it is accepted, other authorities, departments, supervisors, etc.
After all the formalities issued the order with the standard wording:
Based on the statement name and surname of the
1) to Consider the vacation name and Surname to care for a child under 3 years interrupted....
2) read the name and surname of the getting started with ...."
The date in both cases is specified the same as the statement.
The order is assigned a number and a date, and he is certified by the signature and seal of the head of the organization. On the date specified in all documents, the employee should begin his duties.
The employer must be warned 14 days before the expected date of your exit from maternity leave. Perhaps you know in advance what awaits you: unrecorded irregular schedule, lack of scheduled employment, working conditions, safety violations, etc. If you decide to return from maternity leave early, the wording in the statement and the order is somewhat different.
Useful advice
Sometimes in our life a situation where the mother is on maternity leave have to go to work early. That is, until the moment the child turns 3 years. Manager must endorse your application, in this case issued an order on early return from leave to care for a child up to 3 years. And what is most interesting. You, of course, until the date on the 3 anniversary of your baby, go back to the vacation leave.

Advice 3 : To go whether to work from maternity leave early

There are times when a woman wants to terminate their maternity leave early. In this case, it should have a clear idea of how this is possible, and whether any leave maternity leave prematurely.
To go whether to work from maternity leave early

Is it possible to return from maternity leave earlier than planned.

Today's young moms often Express the wish to return from maternity leave earlier than planned. This decision may be due to several reasons.

Maternity leave consists of several periods. The first part is the hospital issued at the antenatal clinic when pregnant women and the upcoming birth of the baby. Having a vacation on the basis of a medical certificate, the employee gets paid once for the entire holiday period, and cannot go to work early.

After finishing the above types of leave an employee may apply for leave for child care up to 1.5 years, and then extend it to the moment when a child turns 3 years. A woman may not write a statement to grant her leave and immediately go to work, or to leave it early. She has every right to do. It is important to notify the employer of their intentions in advance.
If the company's management denies the employee in all former workplace, she may apply to the Labour Inspectorate or in court.

Whether to interrupt maternity leave early.

Before you go to work before the due date, you should think about whether you need it at all. Experts believe that up to a certain time the mother should not be separated from the baby. Nanny, grandmother, teacher nursery in the kindergarten will not be able to replace the child's mother's attention and care. If circumstances allow a woman to use my maternity leave in full, then it is better to do so.

Unfortunately, the most common cause of early termination of the leave are financial difficulties a young family. The mother is forced to go to work to support the financial well-being at a certain level. In this case, you need to weigh all the facts and make the right decision.

Best can be considered only the release of a young mother to work part-time. In this case, he retains the right to receive benefits for child care up to 1.5 years.

It is important to take into account the size of the expected wage. The kid left without a mother in the day time, requires care. Mom needs to arrange care for him. Babysitting services are quite expensive, so in case if the salary is small, to go to work earlier than the period unprofitable.
If the baby is going to watch grandma or another family member, this person will be able to get leave from work to care for a child and receive benefits on a monthly basis.

In making decisions about the need for early release of a young mother should participate all members of the family. It is desirable that it was updated a new distribution of responsibilities. Returning to work, the young mother can be given at home and your baby as much attention as she paid before.
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