You will need
  • - birth certificate of the child;
  • - certificate of the second parent.
Collect the documents required for registration of leave to care for a child. To required is a birth certificate and proof of employment of the other parent that he does not take such vacation.
Write an application for leave. Sample or form of this document can be obtained in the personnel Department of your organization. In the statement, specify the period for which you want to vacation - in this case, until the child reaches one and a half years. As the first day of the vacation you can choose the end of stay for pregnancy and childbirth. In the same text record and their request for compensation. In addition to the employee's name, you should specify the full name of the child and the date of his birth.
Wait until release the employer the order on your vacation. After that, you will be credited the payments provided for by law for parents of children up to six years.
Keep in mind that while on holiday you can continue to work but only part time. It is entitled to additional payments you will have. If you and your employer choose such a path, at the same time as the application for leave to file an additional paper on the translation you part-time. So you will be able to obtain part of the salary, and benefits. The same applies to home-based work, if possible in your position.