Before you begin, stock up on the necessary tools: pliers, an awl and a small hard object with a cavity (e.g., nut). Also don't forget to release the work surface from objects, otherwise the fine details of the bracelet may be lost during operation.
Start with a bracelet. As a rule, metal bracelet for the watch consists of several parts and in order to shorten it, it is only necessary to remove a few of these parts. Removing the fragments of the bracelet, remember two rules. First, if you shorten a bracelet more than one component, you need to clean up an equal number of parts on each side of the bracelet, otherwise closure hours may cause discomfort when worn. Secondly, please note that not all parts of the bracelet are the same. Most often, the first two of them more, so begin to shorten better with the third part of the bracelet.
So get an extra fragment of bracelet. Put the bracelet on the side, under the hole between the links of the bracelet put the nut. On the other side of the bracelet with the awl squeeze studs fastening element of the braceletthat you want to delete. As a rule, to make it easier to determine the direction in which you want to squeeze the pin, on the reverse side of the bracelet has arrows. Fully pin easy to pull out with pliers. Remove the required number of fragments. You can then begin to assemble the bracelet: simply connect the pins of the remaining part of the bracelet. Cropped bracelet watch is ready.