General details of the company

Common details include all information about the company on which its business partners, and any other legal and natural persons can identify him. Such details include the full and abbreviated name, organizational-the legal form, and, if applicable, the name of the parent organization.
All Bank details have their transcript, and each figure of them has its own importance. This transcript can be found at the special reference book.

In General, information about the company includes information on the state registration confirming the legitimacy of the company. This group of information include a date of state registration, number of certificate on state registration of legal entities, primary state registration number (OGRN) and, if necessary, the name of the body where the registration was carried out. This body is the territorial division of the state tax Inspectorate where the company placed on the account.
Props such as code bin should also be indicated in all documents of a legal person along with his name.

And, of course, another important requisite is the legal and actual address of the enterprise and its contact numbers, email address and website address in the Internet, if available, position, surname and initials of the head.

Bank details of the company

The concept of "company information" includes Bank account details, which must be open to any legal person to conduct cashless financial transactions, and also for crediting and debiting cash. The list of Bank details, except the name of the enterprise include:
- dvadtsatiletnej account number;
- name of the Bank indicating its location;
- BIC is a unique nine-digit Bank identification code that is assigned by the Central Bank;
- dvadtsatiletnej correspondent account – a special account is also assigned the Central Bank.
Details of the company are listed on its letterhead and seal.

Banking details also include the identification number of taxpayer, INN and KPP codes and OKPO. CAT – nine-digit code of registration code of enterprise is determined by the type of activities carried out by the company.