Collect documents: a copy of the certificate of registration with the territorial tax authority copy of the order on appointment of the Director, a copy of excerpts from the Charter company on the page for the address of the company. By verifying these documents with the company stamp and signature of the Director or other authorized person. If documents will be submitted by the employee, prepare a power of attorney authorizing him to perform such actions. If the documents are submitted by the head, the power of attorney is not required.
Make a list of employees who will make purchases in the shop METRO Cash & Carry. Enter the necessary data (surname, name and patronymic, a series and passport number, position held). In the list can not be more than five people. If the supervisor plans to make a purchase, also make it to the list (that man is the head of the company, does not give him the right to receive cards). The list form and the rules of shopping, which you will need to see (print and assure) are on the official METRO website at:
Contact the nearest shopping center METRO Cash & Carry. After checking the documents submitted by you, the store employees can give you the map of the client. The employees of your company will be able to get the card by visiting METRO, presenting the document certifying the identity (passport) and saying the name of the organization in which they work. To take a photo is not required – the snapshot will be made on the spot. The procedure of registration card takes a maximum of 5 minutes. After receiving the card you can immediately make a purchase. One card to the store can take three people: the owner and two attendants (aides).