The top card should be the official name of the company and its details. If the card was previously opened and you need to add to it, and the details of the company during this time has changed, do not delete them. Just write or type on top of a new with the date at which they came into force.
A note in the card about an object or group of objects must begin with the act of acceptance-transfer of goods or information about the date and place of purchase. Then follows a description of the object: series, model, make, room data sheets, part numbers, and serial number, original cost.
The card must contain information on the adoption of a registration, the movement of modernization, including renovation and, finally, decommissioning or disposal of the asset. The column "write-off from accounting" is filled in last.
You must specify the location of the asset (the factory workshop, office and so on) and make timely new information, if the object moves. Also in the inventory card needs to be filled in the row "revaluation", "repair costs" (if one was conducted), "original cost".
In the "brief individual characteristic of fixed asset" should indicate the exact number and names of the facilities, the material from which they are made (if it is a precious metal, e.g., gold, platinum and so on). At the bottom of the card put the name of the person who maintains the inventory in the enterprise, and his handwritten signature.