What are the details

Props – from the Latin requisitum - "essential", a set of established standards for this type of documents, information and data, without which this document would not have legal force and can not be considered as a basis for transactions and deals. In other words, as it officially was called the document if it does not have the necessary requisites, it can be considered just a piece of paper, which nobody is obliged to respond. Therefore, the details in the compulsory to indicate on any document.

Some details are listed only on documents of one kind, and some are a must for any business document. The latter include: organization name, date of the document and its name. In the name of the organization must specify its short and full name in accordance with constituent documents the legal form. Date of the document indicated both in digital and in verbal-numerical form. The document name is indicated in all cases, the only exception is a business letter.

In addition to mandatory use of accounting, banking details specified for any one type of document. The accounting documents shall include: the name and address of the entity; its Bank details; specifying the parties to the transaction parties to a business transaction; the name, contents and grounds; the cost of the transaction in cash or kind.

The banking details are: account number of the company; the name of the Bank in which it is served and the address; Bank code – BIC and correspondent account. Bank account details should also be included INN the company and the Bank, the codes of the CAT and the enterprise.

The placement of details in the document

For each of the props in different types of documents, provided their field placement. The composition of requisites and requirements in each case established standards. Details consist of a few lines, printed with one line spacing. Between them the details of the separated two or three spacing intervals.

The same applies to forms, which provides for special requirements for their production, recording and storage, particularly those which are reproduced on the State emblem of the Russian Federation, as well as the coats of arms of constituent entities of the Russian Federation. It is a necessary measure, as specified in the forms of the details make them a document with legal force than may benefit.