You will need
  • - documents of the enterprise;
  • - the form of calculation of the card;
  • - the range of dishes;
  • calculator;
  • - the incoming invoices;
  • - the list of products.
Before you start drafting calculation cards based on the plan menu, write a list of meals that should fill out the estimate. Then, determine the rules of investment of raw materials for each type of manufactured products. Calculate the sales price for raw materials, which is included in the meals. For this purchase price multiply by a mark-up.
In the form of form OP-1 specify the name of your company in accordance with the Charter or other constituent document. Enter the service name (division, structural unit) in which the manufacture of products. Write the activity code in accordance with the national classification of activities of enterprises.
Specify the name of the dish (manufactured products), its number in accordance with a collection of recipes. Assign costing the card number, the date of its issuance. Be aware that the fill calculation as one dish, a hundred dishes. In the latter case, the estimated selling price will be more accurate.
The first count imputed forms card is designed to specify the sequence number of the product, the second to make its name in accordance with the receipt, and the third for writing the code.
Each dish is assigned a number, and the date. For each of them there are three graphs: normal products (raw materials) in kilograms, the purchase price, the amount in rubles. By summing the amounts for each product determine the cost of the commodity set for each product.
Multiply each value of the commodity set a separate dish on the margin, established at the enterprise. Thus, you determine the cost of each type of manufactured products.
Calculate the output of the finished dish in grams by summing norms of raw materials for each product for a single product.
The pricing card should be approved by signatures of the Director of catering, head of production (with indication of their positions, personal data). To assure the cost estimate is necessary for the accountant, it amounted to.