Select in the main menu the "Reference" sub-menu - item "Counterparties". Click on the toolbar icon "Add". The symbol POPs up when you move the cursor to the icons. Opens card company. Fill in all the fields in the window, click in the lower right corner of OK. With such hard work is a very high probability of misstatement. Better use of 1C to load the data supplier.
If the organization has received on account payment from the new buyer, 1C program will offer to create a new company when the data is loaded the Bank statement. With this introduction of the counterparty to the program will be loaded the following data from the payment order: INN (individual taxpayer number), KPP (code of reason for registration) and Bank account details of the new company.
Add the missing information in the card company. Tick the right box "vendor/buyer". Depends on the possibility of entering agreements with the counterparty. 1C will not allow you to make the purchasing contract to the counterparty are marked with a tick only in the "Supplier". One contractor can be both for the organization of the supplier and the purchaser.
Fill in the tab "Contracts" on the counterparty generated by 1S when you export a Bank statement. Each contract in the program 1C corresponds to a set of standard journal entries.
Complete the tab "Contacts" the address of the counterparty, phone numbers and information on contact persons.
If the organization received services or goods and materials from a new supplier, a new partner can be added to the reference when making the base 1C of the invoice or certificate of completion.
One counterparty may be several checkpoint several different contracts and Bank accounts. 1C when you load new data identifies counterparty INN. Further settings depend on the user's requirements. If necessary separate accounting on the separate subdivisions of the customer, create several accounts for one company. When data is loaded after checking INN 1C will continue the verification at the checkpoint company. It is possible to keep separate records for the several accounts of the counterparty, if it's important to separate calculations for different types of services.