Making personal cards of the account of delivery of workwear

Personal cards of issue of workwear, footwear, personal protective equipment (PPE) are issued in the approved form №MB-6. This document is recorded clothing, footwear and protective equipment issued to employees according to the established norm for personal use. The card is issued in one copy for each employee who is granted a clothing. In document to fill the string "name", "employee number", "Growth", "Gender", "Size of clothing, footwear, headgear", "Plot", "Shop", "Profession", "date of joining". Then you need to fill in the column "the name of the clothing, footwear and protective devices", "Paragraph rules", "Unit", "lifetime", "Number".

On the reverse side of the "Personal card" to complete the plate "Issuance and return of clothing, footwear and samineh fixtures". It shall specify the name and stock number of issued work clothes in the subsection "Issued" shall bear the date, the quantity, percentage, date, amount, and signature of employee in getting. In case of loss of overalls, safety footwear or protective devices in the section "Return" in the line lost property specifies the act of disposal, number and date. The results of the duty workwear is issued as a separate card marked "Duty". The card must be signed by the safety officer, superintendent, accountant. The document should be kept by the storekeeper of the shop (section). You can maintain the card clothing in electronic form using computer programs.

Who should issue the card registration of the issue of workwear

The procedure of providing workers with protective clothing and the procedure for its storage, alteration, repair, washing, drying, including the procedure for registration of personal cards of the account of issue of special clothing, the employer must determine local normative act (regulation, order, standard of organization). It is necessary to consider the distance of the units from the Central warehouse. The employer may impose duties on registration of personal cards of the account of PPE in the head area, a warehouse Manager or other responsible employees. It is not allowed to shift responsibility for maintenance of card account of clothing for the engineer on labour protection, because, according to the functions it needs to control the correctness of these documents (paragraph 7.23 of the Annex to the Decree of the Ministry of labor of Russia from 08.02.2000 N14).