Consider the amount of future descriptions of the company. It depends on the complexity, scale of activity of the company and the business plan presentation. Basic information consists of the full and abbreviated names of enterprises with the reflection of its parent body, indicating the industry in which business is conducted (agricultural or industrial production, sphere of services, transport, construction, etc.).
Give the reference: year of Foundation of the company, its location. Shall describe the management structure, list the list of units, provide a diagram of their interaction and subordination. Name the organizers of the enterprise, its owners (owners and managers) that have a direct impact on the stability of the image on the market.
Describe the company in the form of ownership (municipal, state, private) and activities (LLC, JSC, etc.) in accordance with the national classifier of forms of ownership (OKFS) Russian classification of organizational and legal businesses (OKOPF).
Specify priority activities that deliver the greatest profits. Describing the product, describe its purpose, reliability and quality, give all the necessary technical and economic characteristics. Inform about available licenses and their terms.
Let the number of employees, the degree of development of infrastructure (transportation, utilities); economic relations (suppliers, consumers). An important part of the information are financial and economic indicators: the cost of funds and sales. Evaluate all types of resources: equipment, inventory, intangible assets, loans and own funds.
Emphasize the main objectives of the activities with predictable results. They can be social and economic, but also have different timelines. It is necessary that the goals were measurable, consistent with resources, the position of the company. Express them in quantitative indicators, such as sales revenues and net profit (in %).