You will need
  • The organizational structure of the enterprise, economic and legal information about a company, calculator.
Follow the General description of the enterprise (when and by whom it was founded), its legal form (limited liability, sole trader, closed or open joint-stock company, etc.).
Describe the specifics of the enterprise, do an analysis of the range of products and services. Justify the choice of the range.
Consider the strategy of development of the enterprise in the modern market (level adaptability to changing market conditions, competitiveness, level of marketing researches, advertising campaigns, etc.).
Determine which phase of the life cycle is considered your business (birth, growth, maturity, decline ("rejuvenation")). Each lifecycle stage has its own characteristics that must be considered. The latter include functional priorities, research and development (R & d), manufacturing, marketing, distribution of products, policy, personnel management, financial policy, standards and control.
Follow the description of the organizational structure of the enterprise. Describe how effective are the control and communication between structural divisions of the organization. Consider the duties and responsibilities of the management staff of the enterprise. Determine the effectiveness of the management system of the enterprise. Describe the ratio of all categories of workers (managers, professionals, employees, Junior service personnel) and their total number. Determine the effectiveness of the current organizational structure, offer ways to change if necessary.
Perform the analysis of efficiency of activity of the enterprise, calculate economic indicators such as: current operational costs (cost), profits, economic benefits, etc.