You will need
  • - information about the company;
  • plan summary;
  • paper A-4;
  • computer.
Discover all aspects of enterprise , and carefully arrange. Place it on 4-5 pages. Use a summary of the company, as Manager, to attract potential buyers, the additional investments for the implementation of a project, for promotions, etc.
In any case, whatever summary, write it at random is not worth it. First, get from the head of the company exhaustive information on the activities of the firm: its main course, offer goods and services, a brief history, the geography of sales, market position, qualifications, awards and certificates, etc.
Only then can proceed to the structuring and drafting of a summary of the enterprise. Complete your summary in a conventional mordovskoi program by using ready-made templates for the preparation of summaries or presentations.
First, briefly describe the company, it will take two or three paragraphs. Here mention about the development of the company, its successes and achievements. Next, write about the state of the enterprise at the moment, give a General description of the market of these services, specify the target audience of the project, the distinctive features of the company, competitive environment, quantitative indicators of financial and production success.
Don't forget to mention the head of the enterprise and outstanding employees. In the preparation of the summary do not spare the beautiful words, but try to back them up with concrete figures and examples. Remember, impressing the success of attracting clients and business partners.
The following page will be devoted to prospects of development of the company. As a rule, summary the enterprise is prepared to attract investments for the implementation of a project. In this case, after the story about the company write to the financial component of the project: General characteristics and a brief project plan.
Below you shall describe to potential investors the financial requirements for the realization of your project and calculate the payback period. On the last page will post the Bank details of the enterprise, address, websites, phone numbers.