Find the mail user with mail agent. Such a focus can pass only in case if the person has email registered on Of course, you must also be registered there.

Find the name and surname of the user "Vkontakte", and enter this information into a people search in your mail agent. And all, then find e-mail the right person received the questionnaire.
Find out personally the user for his email. Legal ways to find the email address in addition to search through the mail agent does not exist. Of course, you can use a variety of programs that will crack the user page, but it will be a blatant violation of the security of the site It may threaten you by locking your account, in the worst case would entail the action of the administrative responsibility.

Can directly ask the person for their email address, and you can find this information indirectly by asking him to send to your email any document. However there is no guarantee in this case that you have requested the file comes with the email address used "Vkontakte".
Find the email address of analytical in a way. If you can not openly ask for the email address of the user "Vkontakte", but to do that you really want, you can try to find the address.

Most often used for writing e-mail your name and surname. Among them often there are some punctuation marks: dots, dashes. Also periodically use a set of digits, e.g. the year of birth of the user. Next to the substitute composed of a combination of the end of the popular email services, such as,,

Send the alleged email any test letter. However, it is necessary to say that the path is extensive. Guess the mail address is extremely difficult. There is a high probability that your letter will not be ignored.