You will need
  • surgeon;
  • Sol;
  • -the bile of animals or birds;
  • -herbal
Want to remove the lump near the big toe, quickly and with a score of 100 %? Will have to have surgery. In the hospital you just cut this salt build-up, and then give recommendations and advice for treatment. From the pain and discomfort you is released. Often, however, these growths can recur. And after the surgery at least 6 weeks you will have to careful, in some cases, you will need all this time to lie.
If you are overweight, then one of the methods of treatment of bone on the foot will be the weight loss. The more weight presses on your feet, the more bump grows. And the more it hurts. So with the extra weight, you need to fight even for this reason.
Change the shoes. About the studs and narrow "boats" will have to forget, because they pinch the foot, evenly distribute the load on the leg, thereby causing the deposition of salts and disturbance of blood flow. And this, in turn, leads to the growth of the cones on the foot. So now you need comfortable shoes.
Rethink your diet. To bone growing need to reduce the amount of salt. It is advisable to leave the bare minimum, which is vital for the body.
Of traditional medicine try salt baths. They help to dissolve salt deposits of the foot. To make a salt bath, take a handful of salt (how much to fit in the palm of your hand), then pour it in a bowl filled with hot water halfway. Cool the water to body temperature, and then lower back legs and sit for 15 minutes. In order to achieve the effect, repeat the procedure every day for 2 weeks. Then a week break. And after again. For complete cure you need 4 of course.
In addition to the General recommendations can add more rubbing the bumps in the bile of animals or birds, as well as lotions of different fees herbs. One of the Siberian prescriptions offers during the week applied to the growths pieces of fresh water fish, tape them and leave for the night. Breaks massage into cones fir oil.