Pick the comfortable shoes that won't RUB the heel. Usually the bumps occur as a result of wearing the shoes of a small size, or very hard.
Perform daily hygienic care of the feet, keep them clean and use moisturizers.
Make various baths and compresses to get rid of cones. To resort to this method regularly. Please be patient - bumps, especially old, go very slowly.Very effective are the bath with the starch. To cook them you add in a liter of water two tablespoons of starch. Immerse the feet in the solution for about twenty minutes and then thoroughly wipe dry with a towel. After the bath the bumps lubricate salicylic ointment.
In the struggle for the beauty of heels helps a poultice prepared from the roots of elecampane. You can also put the leaves of fresh cabbage on the night and in the morning to smear a good moisturizer.
Use modern techniques, which offer in professional beauty salons. For example, to effectively get rid of the bumps will help of ultrasonic treatment. It restores blood flow inside the affected area and contributes to the gradual improvement of the skin. It is worth remembering that this technique requires long-term use.
Consult a dermatologist and endocrinologist. When the bumps on the heels of taking a particularly painful form fester, greatly flakes, covered with large cracks, it may indicate the presence of the disease in the body. In particular, vitamin deficiency, hormone deficiency, diabetes and others.