You will need
  • - sorrel;
  • - onions;
  • - garlic;
  • - beeswax;
  • - aloe;
  • - butter;
  • - propolis;
  • marine or salt.
In order to get rid of the cones on the big finger of the foot, first of all, change your shoes. Do not wear narrow model, give preference to shoes with a wide toe box. The foot should not be squeezed, all the fingers should be placed freely. In addition, give up high heels.
Between the thumb and index fingerm feet put the strip of foam, silicone, or other special material. Under the heel put a little not too rigid liner, so she was slightly raised.
Perform daily simple exercises for the legs: toes to shift small objects scattered on the floor, walk on toes, roll down (especially thumbs) on the floor wand, bend and unbend legs, perform the rotational motion stops in one direction and then the other, pull and move your foot inwards and outwards.
In the evening prepare a foot bath, fill it with warm water. After the bath massage your muscles of the calf and lower leg.
Use folk remedies. Isomnia sorrel until mushy state and apply it to the bumps on the toes. Follow this procedure every night for 25-40 days.
Make at night for the next compress. Chop half the onion and 4-6 cloves of garlic. Add to the mix an aloe leaf, a bit of beeswax and a tablespoon of butter. Put the saucepan with the mixture on low heat, when boiling, cook for another minute and remove from heat. Mash and mix all until smooth, refrigerate, use for compress.
The above alternate compress with the compress of propolis. For this mash a piece of propolis hand, give him the necessary form, attach to the sore spot and cover with a dry bandage until the morning.
Within 7-10 days, follow the following procedure. In hot water, sprinkle sea salt (in its absence, we can take ordinary table), dissolve it, cool, refrigerate. Every evening soak in a solution of woolen cloth and RUB the bumps on her legs, after which the heat pakutavate and leave overnight.
Visit a podiatrist, who will prescribe physical therapy, and in severe cases even surgical treatment.