Advice 1: How to check the diploma of higher education

Today in order to get a good position, you must have higher professional education. Often the presence or absence of a College diploma is a crucial factor when applying for a job. Availability of higher education may depend on the wages and prospects of promotion. However, not everyone is ready to spend 5-6 years of his life to diligent study, so the forgery and sale of fake diplomas in the country were quite common.
How to check the diploma of higher education
In turn, employers and recruiters are increasingly faced with a false qualification documents looking for reliable ways to confirm presented the diplomas. In order to verify the higher education diploma authenticated, you must know how and where there are false documents.
There are two basic ways of falsification of diplomas of the state sample. In the first case the diploma is completely counterfeited with original crust forms and liners purchased from unscrupulous employees of universities or publishing houses related to the preparation and issuance of diplomas. That is, in a genuine public forms are made deliberately false information, are also forged the signatures and seals. In some cases, to imitate the forms themselves can and crust. In the second case, in genuine, original University diploma, issued some years ago someone from the alumni, entered false data by erasures and dopisok. Usually, this kind of forgery leave visible traces that can notice experienced personnel.
Verification of the authenticity of the diploma can be done in two ways. If the diploma inspires serious doubts as to its authenticity, has traces of forgery, the employer is entitled to conduct an expert review of the document through the law enforcement agencies. For this served the appropriate statement to the Prosecutor. The basis for confirming the authenticity or forgery of a document becomes expert opinion and a certificate from the University upon request of law enforcement.
The second method of authentication of the diploma involves two stages. First, on the basis of article 86 of the labour code the employee is taken a written consent to obtain information about his education from third parties (i.e. the University that issued the diploma). The law presumes that an honest man has nothing to hide in this situation and there is no reason to deny the employer in obtaining this information. The fact of disagreement of the worker on request to the school may be regarded as indirect confirmation of its bad faith.
In the event the employee's consent to the proposed inspection, issued a formal request to the University that issued the diploma. As each diploma has a unique number, information about which is stored in the archives of the institution, confirm the authenticity and date of issue of a particular diploma is absolutely not difficult.

Advice 2 : How to check the diploma of education

Currently, in the field of recruitment and selection of staff there is a serious problem - a fake, fake diplomas of higher or secondary special education. Their percentage is not very large, because the forgery of the document on education leads to criminal liability. But the problem is, even under these conditions of its existence, disappears. In fact, to check a diploma on the authenticity of rather easily!
How to check the diploma of education
The external examination.
First, we must see the paper material, which is made of diploma. Paper stamp, quite pleasant to the touch. To get counterfeiters hard enough, not having the right connections. So they are forced to use ordinary paper.
Number of the diploma.
The first thing to check if there are any in your organization at least 2 of the diploma with the same numbers. If this is the place to be, that the authenticity of both diplomas is questioned.
The most reliable method of verification of the authenticity of the diploma is to contact the Secretariat of the institution which was issued the diploma of education. Any UNIVERSITY or other educational institution maintains a register of issued certificates, their date of protection and the number of the issued certificate. Turning to Secretariat of the educational institution, you can ask defended if the number of the diploma at a specified time.
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