The fact of the falsity of the document on education to discern by a cursory examination is difficult, but possible in the case of obvious and gross errors made in the production of the diploma.
Inspect the diploma and the attached evaluation sheet. Each of them must be round stamp of the educational institution. Notice print in the present diploma, the edges and the letters are smooth and clear. If you notice stains, subscriptions, ballpoint pen, or the presence of oiled elements of the paint, the design of the diploma is a clear violation.
Another step towards the validation of the diploma is to assess the text. The diploma cannot be completed in green or red ink. Professional certificates are issued always neat, legible, close to kalligrafichnoy handwriting. The letters in these student's major, written in black or dark blue ballpoint or gel pen. Unacceptable errors in student data, the names of the Department, specialty and educational institution.
The scorecard includes the filling of both standard and small print. The sheet includes a protective fiber and microtext. Again, note the literacy of fill, lack of basic spelling errors.
An evaluation sheet is filled in Tipografia form with the presence of multiple watermarks in a light brown color. Watermarks should be large and placed all over the sheet liner. The worksheet should contain particles fluorescence. Lyrics fill must not have subscriptions and blots.
Take a magnifying glass with which to inspect the liner to the diploma. If the thin grid lines do not form a continuous line, and break up into individual points, then this degree is explicitly performed with the help of printing on professional printing equipment.
The presence of the protective elements of the liner can be checked with the use of equipment containing infrared rays. In addition, when you copy of a diploma or its scanning technique with higher resolution appears on the copy the word "Copy" written three times across the dash, a size of 0.13 mm.
Embossed diploma must be made of quality and thick material. The outer side of the diploma must contain the following security elements: in the upper part of the left surface of the diploma there is a merging of the words "Russia diploma". In the center of the green of the wreath when illuminated with infrared rays, you receive the image of the eagle. With the help of a magnifying glass can be seen the inscription, made microscript 0.5 mm "the Ministry of education of the Russian Federation".