License and accreditation of higher education institutions

During the Soviet Union, all specialized educational institutions, including universities, were state, and all of their graduates receive documents on higher education and uniform state. Currently, educational services are offered by hundreds of universities, both public and commercial. Regardless of what Department studied a graduate of the state University, budgetary or commercial – he at the end received a diploma of the state sample. All state universities have a default state accreditation. But at the end of the commercial high school the former students to such a degree only if state accreditation of the institution. If no such accreditation, the graduates receive the diploma of the established sample.

All commercial schools are required to provide educational services only if you have the license of the Ministry of education confirming that the school has all necessary conditions for obtaining high-quality expertise. In this case, each branch of such institution must have its own license. Licensed commercial University after some time may try to get state accreditation and, if he will be able to achieve, its graduates will receive diplomas of the state sample. But such commercial HEIs very few – about a hundred, so basically, students at private higher education institutions upon graduation, receive diplomas of non-state sample.

Is there a difference between diplomas of the state and of the established sample

According to article 27 of the RF Law "On education", to occupy the offices to which certain established qualifications and educational requirements, can any experts having diplomas of higher professional education regardless of state or non-state they sample. The Federal legislation also stipulates restrictions when applying for a job with diploma and state structures, although a misconception about it exists.

But in practice, a diploma is not regarded highly, as it does not guarantee the quality of the graduate education and is not a confirmation that you have obtained the minimum of special knowledge, established Russian educational Standards. Under other equal conditions, the employer will always prefer a technician level education is confirmed by state diploma.