He graduated from the law faculty of a University, state-accredited. After that you can go to work or to get a first degree. However, in any case in order to claim the status of a lawyer, you'll need two years ' experience in any organization – private or public. Calculus of seniority begins upon graduation. So if you worked in the specialty as a student, it will not be counted.
If you already have the necessary experience, contact the bar Association in your region and find out the procedure for the exam for obtaining the status of a lawyer. Imagine the qualification Commission documents:- certified copy of passport;- certified copy of work record;- a notarized copy of diploma (or certificate of degree);- an application form containing biographical information.
Get a list of questions for the qualification exam. Usually it consists of 2 parts: test and interview or test and a written examination. Moreover, the second part of the qualifying tests is only allowed for those who passed. In order to pass them, you will have to prepare in all areas of law to navigate the law on advocacy and the bar, as well as to study the Code of professional ethics. The examination shall be held not later than 3 months from the date of application by the applicant.
If you successfully passed the exam, the qualification Commission shall make a decision on awarding you the status of a lawyer. If not, then you can attempt to obtain this status.
Get the identity and contact any Boardlocated in your region of the Federation with the application for membership. However, don't forget to become a member of the State Board of advocates, you will not have to pay an entrance fee, but you will need subsequently to provide free consulting services to the public. Membership in the Collegium of advocateswith the status of non-commercial partnership, means that you will earn in private practice and paying a fairly high monthly fees.