You will need
  • soda;
  • water;
  • pharmacy creams and gels from insect bites;
  • - tea tree oil;
  • - vinegar;
  • - tincture of calendula;
  • - dill or parsley.
Oil bite special remedy for insect bites. These include "Fenistil gel", a homeopathic ointment "Iricar" cream "Gustan" or other drugs available in any pharmacy.
If you prefer folk remedies, then DAB the bite pure essential tea tree oil. Cotton swab take some oil and spot treat the wound.
Use soda. Dissolve a little soda water to make a thick paste. Put it on the bite and let dry. Then rinse with regular warm water. If the mosquito has bitten a small child, soda solution for the treatment of blisters should be very weak – 1 teaspoon per 200 ml of boiling warm water.
If nothing, then run vinegar. Conventional oil natural vinegar bite. It will relieve itching and disinfect the wound.
Use for the treatment of bites of the gruel prepared from raw potatoes. Grate the potatoes on a fine grater and apply to the bite. Hold until the itching subsides.
Soak a cotton wool in alcohol tincture of calendula. Apply it to the wound. This will relieve swelling, itching, and disinfect the bite.
Use fresh garden greens in order to eliminate the effects of the bite. Mash the pulp a bit of dill or parsley leaf and apply to wound. You'll feel better. The pulp of plantain is also perfectly cope with the pain and itching.