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  • - The Federal Law "On jurors of Federal courts of General jurisdiction in the Russian Federation" №113-FZ.
If you received the notification that you are selected as a candidate for jurors, take the time to look for reasons for failure. The fulfillment of this civic duty and honor is not for every member of society. In addition, participation in court proceedings can enrich your life experience and may be useful in the future.
If the activity as a juror does not fit into your plans, consider the legal possibilities to evade such duties. There are several statutory grounds.
First determine the body to which you want to apply to exclude you from the list of candidates, focusing on the time criterion. Within two weeks of receiving the notification, it will be a municipal administrative body, within seven days after the publication of the list of candidates you will need to apply to the Executive authority of the subject of the Russian Federation.
When making the rejection, motivate it in one of the following legal grounds, for example, the fact that you do not understand the language of the proceedings; you are older than 65 years; you occupy public office, go through military service, work in law enforcement.

The motive for the denial of the court's activities can also become in poor health (it has to be proved by a certificate from a medical institution). If you work as a notary, private investigator, attorney, or have the rank of priest, you also specify it in the application as grounds for rejection.

The judge also will not have the right to include you in a jury if you are suspected of committing a crime or pass on criminal case as a defendant. Documented mental disorder also makes your candidacy for the court.
If neither of these are legitimate reasons is not suited to your situation, try to give as reason of rejection personal interest in a certain outcome of the court case. The possibility of bias on the part of the future of a juror may be assessed by the court as a strong Foundation to take your rejection.