Find out what you are attracted as a witness. If before the trial you are invited to meet with the investigator or the Prosecutor, it may be a good opportunity to learn about what you want your testimony.
Wait until you receive the courtbnoy agenda. Without it, you probably won't have the right to attend the court. This paper will be delivered to you by mail by special courier. The summons must be signed by you, it will mean that you are notified of the date and place of the courtmnogo meeting.
Specify their rights. This can help the lawyer. His services are available, please contact one of the law firms. Their coordinates are in the directory of organizations in your city.
However, there are General provisions of law on witnesses to understand that the lawyer is not required. You have the right to refuse to testify against themselves and their immediate family members - parents, children, spouse, or grandparents. In this case, contact your investigator leading the case, or the court in which there will be a meeting and declares his reluctance to act on the process. Your application needs to satisfy.
Another legitimate opportunity to be a witness is the condition or physical inability to arrive at the place of the meeting to the court date. Such statements must be supported by appropriate references. On their basis a judge may decide whether to speak in court. But be prepared that the meeting may be postponed, and you will still take part.