The role of the bridesmaid is very responsible. The main task of a groomsman is to keep the preparation and the celebration itself were as expected, and the bride during the holiday looked perfect. The same applies to the best man – he is responsible for the rings and the appearance of the groom directly in the wedding.
Of course, to trust such duties can only close people. This can be a relatives – brothers and sisters, cousins and cousins, even uncles and aunts, if they are young enough. It is important to get rid of the stereotypes that witnesses may be the only people not connected by marriage.
On the contrary, experienced men and women can be more useful at the wedding. In the Roman Empire, for example, a bridesmaid chose a married matron, the main duty of which was to ward off evil spirits from the newlyweds.
But it is necessary to observe balance – if a married friend, that friend should also be married. You can also get a married couple. The presence of a single free witness can create in their tandem some tension. Besides, single girls agreeing to be bridesmaids, hoping to meet at the wedding of his mate. So it is not necessary to "shove" the other married friend.
The future newlyweds should take into account that witnesses depends not only on how the wedding will be held, but as there will be a bachelorette party or bachelor party. If the bride and groom decided to throw a feast to the fullest, it is recommended to take two honorable witnesses on each side and several auxiliary girlfriends and cronies.
So, it becomes clear that the witnesses at the wedding should be no strangers to the bride and groom. But what if in their environment there is no right person? You can call friends, colleagues, classmates or distant relatives. Only in this case you should chat with these people to see whether or not they are in the role of witnesses.
Most importantly, choose people who are confident, artistic, responsible, cheerful. The witnesses must be the first helpers of the host, and thus be able to safely take the initiative. Otherwise, the holiday can turn into a boring action.
The choice of chief bridesmaid is responsible. So you should sort out a few candidates. Then, in the event of unforeseen circumstances the wedding will not be in jeopardy.
Do not forget that a wedding celebration is not only for newlyweds but also for their witnesses. Therefore, future friend and best man is to meet, if they never saw each other. If they find common language, it will work in tandem. If you encounter between the witness dislikes, you should replace one of them. Otherwise, the festival will be held in a tense atmosphere.