Determine the basis on which you will say the withdrawal. In civil proceedings the list of such grounds indicated in articles 16, 17 of the Civil procedure code of the Russian Federation (CCP RF), in the arbitration process — articles 21, 22 of the Arbitration procedural code of the Russian Federation (APC RF).
Make a statement about the withdrawal ofe judge in writing. In the header of the application, specify in which court it goes to, who is the applicant, the number assigned to a case in court. Below, in the middle of the sheet, write the title "Statement of withdrawale judge." The text of the statement will state the grounds for the withdrawaland, citing referred to in paragraph 1 of the law. The statement, sign and date. If the application is submitted by an organization, it is signed by its Director or other authorized person, the signature certified by a seal.
Submit the application to the judgeassigned to hear the case. In accordance with the law, it is empowered to consider the application on its own , the withdrawal ofa document personally or through a representative whose powers are properly completed, as well as by mail.
If the grounds for withdrawal ofa judge became known in the course of the proceedings on the merits, and you have no time to prepare a statement in writing, declare the withdrawale orally in the course of the hearing. Accompany such statement with the words: "I offer into the record of the hearing". In the future, be sure to read the transcript of the hearing, check the indication of the reasons for the withdrawal. If you find a discrepancy write your application, make comments on the report.