Advice 1: How to opt out of the Union

In the years of Soviet power, the trade unions experienced their best years. Then in the head did not occur to anyone to leave the Union. If you needed an apartment, place in a kindergarten or a ticket to a sanatorium – a direct route to the Union for help. Now, when all these problems are solved by the administration, social insurance, the size of your wallet, the question arises – how to withdraw from Union membership.
How to opt out of the Union
Trade unions, as a rule, exist in all state-owned companies, such "giants" as automotive companies, OAO "RZHD", etc. When applying for a job there will certainly offer to join a Union. In order to become a member of a trade Union, you will need to write a letter asking for admission, as well as to give written consent for the deduction of dues from wages.However, after some time your view of the activity of trade Union may vary. Participation in it may stop you make and there is a legitimate desire to withdraw from the Union.
To implement this solution, please see the trade Union statement. It should be addressed to the Chairman of the trade Union Committee. Enter your name, surname, patronymic, position and place of work. In the statement write about their desire to secede from the Union organization. Mark the date and personal signature. Hand the application to the Chairman. In addition, apply the company's accounting Department with a request to stop the transfer of membership dues.
The deadline for the submission of an application is 1 month. If for some reason you must resolve this question before, specify in the statement the exact date of release and reason. It should be considered to the specified date. Since the trade Union is a voluntary public organization, no barriers to exit may not be (article 30 paragraph 2 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation). However, we must remember that in case of refusal to participate in it, you lose the protection a Union of your interests in the event of misconduct by the administration (discipline, dismissal, deprivation of the award or reduce its size).
Useful advice
To protect its interests if necessary, the employee may, by application to the Commission on labor disputes, regional labour Inspectorate, in extreme cases – to the court.

Advice 2: How to come out of retirement?

To come out of retirement when he applied for or head forcing you to leave work, not so difficult. Many employees are faced with situations in which the employer in fact requires to write the application on dismissal. How to stay on the job if the user against or you filed a statement on their own?
to come out of retirement

How to come out of retirement if the application is already submitted?

You were determined to leave work, wrote a letter and gave it leadership. But after some time realized that the current position is most suited to you at present, that is, decided not to quit. Is it possible to withdraw the application on dismissal? After all, you do want to quit, it was your free will.

The opportunity to come out of retirement there. An employee who has resigned, filing a petition for termination of the employment contract 2 weeks before the intended date of dismissal. This time, the employee who submitted the letter of resignation, may withdraw his statement.

Example. You have submitted the application on dismissal 01.10.2015. The leaving date must be on 15.10.2015. Accordingly, until October 15, you have the opportunity to come out of retirement and to withdraw its application.

Please note! The employer may deny the withdrawal application under the following circumstances:

  • your place was invited to another worker in writing;
  • new employee can not refuse to conclude an employment contract.

How to come out of retirement if management is forcing to write a statement on their own?

Head is trying to convince you of the necessity of dismissal on their own, but you still want to work in this organization. It is worth remembering that no one can force you to resign. You have the right to write a statement.

If the employer very much insists and convinces, it is possible to threaten an appeal to the labour Inspectorate or the Prosecutor's office. In further words, you can take action and make complaints to these government agencies.

Please note! If after insistent recommendations of the authorities you have applied for a dismissal, then you also have the opportunity to withdraw it before the expiry of the two week notice period.

How to retract a resignation letter?

Review of application for exemption, it is advisable to submit in writing. Definitely get a second copy of your comment with the date of delivery and signature of the person who received the document. If the employer does not want to take a review of your application, you must send it in the mail. The letter must be with the enclosure list and return receipt requested.

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