When you need to disable the tariff plan "Unlimited Internet", then select the cellular operator. For example, if you use the services of "MegaFon", use one of two options off of the Internet. In the first case, send an SMS message to the number 000929 where you write the code off. This code find on the official website of "MegaFon", which go to the main page and enter the residence.
In the second case, build numbers, and symbols, selecting, how the tariff package you are using, and click the "Call". So, if you are connected to the package, "Practical", type on the phone *753*2*0#. When you use Internet services on a package of "Progressive" please, dial the symbols *236*2*0#. As soon as your request is successful, you will receive a message about disabling this package of Internet services.
For customers, the company "MTS" off tariff "Unlimited Internet" comes in three ways. Type the symbols *252*0# and press "Call". If successful requests you will receive a SMS-notification about the disconnection of Internet services. Second: Write a TEXT message with the text of the following numbers "2520" and send the number 2520. After some time, "Unlimited Internet" is disabled. And third, Use the Internet assistant. Why open the official website of MTS and go to "Help and support". Among the tabs that appears, locate the "self service channels" and click on the "Internet assistant". Next, enter in the blank field, mobile phone number, excluding the digit "8," and the previously generated password to the site. After you click on the "Log in" button, follow the instructions and after a few steps, disable unnecessary unlimited plan.