You will need
  • The phone connected to the network "MegaFon"
To abandon the previously selected service, it is not necessary to go to the office of "MegaFon". Do not need anything except a mobile phone. Unlimited Internet for your involves around the clock access to the global network, without restrictions on speed (before reaching the traffic volume of 30 MB per day). To stop using the Internet from a mobile phone, you must dial *527*0#.
MegaFon has and packages of unlimited Internet for your computer. To connect the selected package through "Service-Guide" self - service system on the official website of MegaFon, with the voice of the informer, send SMS or typing a short command on your mobile phone. To disable each package also assumes his own team: "Basic unlimited Internet" - *236*1*0# ; "Practical unlimited Internet" - *236*5*0#; "Optimal unlimited Internet" - *236*2*0#; "Progressive unlimited Internet" - *236*3*0# ; "Maximum unlimited Internet" - *236*4*0#.
Users of unlimited Internet from "MegaFon", regardless of where they come from in a global network, often use the option "extend the speed", which allows to restore the original speed in accordance for unlimited access for a month from the time of connection under a specific traffic volume. To enable or disable the option on the official website of the mobile operator by sending SMS message to the number 000105906 or typing on your mobile *752. Also to connect and disconnect the option "prolong speed!" will help office workers sales and service of "MegaFon" or assistants of the customer service Department of the company.