To completely disable the Internet from the Megaphone to the phone, dial keyboard *527*0# and press the call key. After a while you will receive SMS notification that the service has been successfully disabled. If you are connected to Internet with the addition of Opera Mini, try using the command *105*235*0# to disable it.
Use one of the special commands from your phone, allowing you to turn off the Internet on the Megaphone in one of the unlimited packages. For example, to disable the package "Basic", type *236*1*0#. To abandon the tariff "Practical" using the command *753*0#. To disable package "Optimal" query *236*2*0# and a package is "Progressive" - *236*3*0#. Finally, Internet "Megaphone-Maximum is" disabled by entering *236*4*0#. Don't forget to press the call key at the end of any of the teams.
Try unplugging from your phone the extra options of mobile Internet from MegaFon. This could include the option of "prolong speed", which restores the connection speed in case of exceeding the prescribed rate of packet traffic. To do this send an empty SMS message to number 000105906 or using the *752#.
You can also disable the Internet on the Megaphone through your personal account on the operator's website or contact the salon. It may take more time, but so you can better know which Internet option active on your tariff and make sure that disable really unnecessary of them.
If you don't know what type of mobile Internet is active on your device or need help to deactivate the service, contact the service support operator MegaFon by number 0500. In the main menu, press "0" to connect with officer support. Ask him to name the available options or just completely disable the Internet on your phone.