You will need
  • mobile phone;
  • - access to the Internet;
  • - personal passport;
  • - a representative office of MTS.
If you need to change the tariff of the mobile operator MTS, go to the official Internet site of the company and in the drop-down list, select your region.
Then on the tab "Private clients", select the section "Tariffs and discounts for calls" and the section "All rates". You will see a list of all possible tariff plans by MTS subscribers in your area.
Search our price see details, pricing terms, etc. If you are interested in any offer below the description please note for information on switching to this tariff plan. You will be prompted to enter a USSD-request to implement the tariff change.
In addition, to change the tariff plan of MTS you can use the "Internet assistant". If you are not yet connected to this service, sign up for the service, go to the main official page of MTS and clicking on the link: "Internet assistant". After receiving the password, log in and in the assistant menu, select the link "Change rates". Select a plan and proceed according to the prompts of the program.
Another option of changing the tariff plan of MTS is a call to all-news service on 0890. Follow the prompts of the automated menu or call the operator. Get ready to call him your passport or other data that you specified when concluding the service contract with the company and ask them to switch you to another rate. This same procedure can be performed personally by visiting the nearest office-office of the company MTS, with your passport.
If you want to completely abandon the services of the operator of cellular communication of MTS, you will have to terminate the service contract in one of representative offices of the company. To successfully disable you should not be any debt to MTS.