After connecting the service "Basic Internet" the subscriber is able to get online at speeds of up to 512 Kbit/sec is enough for normal operation in the network. After the service was called "Basic unlimited Internet", but the term "unlimited" is not consistent with reality. On this tariff, the subscriber can spend for the month is not more than 1536 MB of traffic, after exceeding this amount, the speed drops to 64 Kbps. It is not surprising that MegaFon changed the name of the tariff, and many subscribers began to look for better deals.
"Basic Internet" can connect and disconnect in multiple ways, most convenient is by means of ussd-commands. To activate the service, dial and send *236*1#. To disconnect, type and send (press send) command *105*2810#. In return you will receive a message with information about connecting or disconnecting services.
You can activate and deactivate the service through sms. For connection options, you need to send sms command 6601 to number 000105. To deactivate the service, send an sms command to the number 66010 000105. You will receive a reply confirmation message connect or disconnect options.
For connect and disconnect "Basic Internetand" you can use "Service Guide". If you have no password, dial *105*00#, you will receive it in the response message. After that, go to your regional website of "MegaFon", find the "Service Guide". Log in to your account using this password and your phone number. In the options of the service, you will be able to check all the connected services and disable the ones you no longer need.
You can disable "Basic Internet", without doing anything at all. The only prerequisite for this must be lack in your account three hundred rubles at the time of service renewal for the next month. If the amount is insufficient, the Internet-service will be disabled automatically.