Use mobile assistant. Enter on the keyboard 0890 and contact customer service. Wait the allotted time and tell the operator about his desire to disable the Internet. The refusal of the service is completely free.
If you want to communicate with representatives of the company, will be sufficient to remove or change the connection settings in your phone. Remember, what letters were deleted or added. The connection is disconnected, and if you it back, just restore the settings. For the time that you are out in the Internet, the money you will not be levied.
If you use connection rate "BIT - send to 111 SMS message with the text of the 9950. If your tariff plan Super BIT, the same number you want to send 6280. This is enough to disable mobile Internet.
Contact the service center and state your wish to cancel the service. MTS provides its clients with additional features, not always right for you. For example, it often happens that the user does not need unlimited traffic for 9 rubles a day, but until he refuses service, the money will be charged. Ask them to give you a list of all options of your SIM card, and, most likely, you will find a lot of things. To perform any operations to bring your passport.
If you use Internetom via a mobile modem, contact your service center to block the SIM card, in that case, if the modem is not necessary for normal telephone conversations. If this is not done, the SIM card may be formed debt, which you then have to pay. Recently, however, the MTS is beginning to block the modems when the balance of the level of -300 rubles. But it's better to find out all these moments in advance, then to avoid problems.